Content Discovery Checking for GPS/Virtual Beacons

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For the Pilot in London, previous to Gate 1, Magnet team is injecting GPS content to the Content Database. In order to find the better content the team has created several tools that are really helpful:

Metadata Tester tool

This works as web page where you can enter the URL you want to check and the tool will extract the different fields included in that URL. This will ensure that a URL will work fine in Magnet or if you need to add extra metadata to the Data Base to ensure that the tile will be shown correctly in the application (as the title, picture...).

Tool for filtering relevant info/posts from Flickr groups

This tool scans and filters the posts corresponding to a Flickr group that are geolocalizated and around London (50 km from the center of London)and allow us to select the POIs that we consider relevant. After that we can export the channel, lat, long, and the URL to broadcast that we will use to inject to our Content Data Base.


  1. Create a folder and unzip this file Flickrsearch
  2. Go to flicksearch folder and enter:
$ npm install
$ node index.js
  1. Launch the browser with localhost:3000, enter the URL of the flickair group you want to scan. It could take a while but later you will see the list of posts from that group geolocalizated and around London.
  2. Select the URLs that you consider relevant and at the bottom of the page there is a button to export the POIs you have selected and that are ready to be injected in the DB. The result will appear directly on the page, non in a separated file.