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Core team weekly meeting
Date & Time: Monday 24 February 2014 @ 5pm UTC
Location: CBT vidyo room (
Moderator: David 
Last agenda + notes:
Parking lot:


  • Action items
    • Action items from today:
      • All: if people want to reognize awesome commuity builders, put their email in at the link below and David is the approver (Christie will review badge language and if we can change it/what we might change it to)
      • All: book travel for the Co-Co + team time work week March 10-14 and note that our usual hotels seem to be filling up
      • All: should now be reaching out to partner teams...  reference for some ideas
      • Michelle and Larissa will work on evolution of the contribution lifecycle stuff into partnership roadmap (plan to spend time on this tomorrow) whole team will review package next Monday (or sooner) so David can share something with Deb next Monday at his 1:1
      • All: review partnership growth potential levels/range and add to smart sheet  (tens vs hundreds vs thousands)
      • All: please document  *today* where your working group is talking on the Contribute wiki
      • Interested folks use discourse and revisit in a month to discuss
    • Action items from last week: 
      • Starts on line 14 at:
      • Christie: 
        • I've updated Education sectons on both current and new Contribute pages. I've also updated the key events etherpad.
        • Outstanding tasks are: roadmap page, blogging about roadmap, identifying stakeholders & inviting to meeting

  • Nominations for community building rockstar badge
  • FYI
    • Sean's internship over the Summer is official.  He starts June 30th
    • Larissa and I (and maybe others) are at TRIBE this week on Wed and Thurs+1 for Michelle
    • Christie officially starts on team 1 March.

  • Preparing for team work day on March 10
    • Please go ahead and book travel and hotels if you haven't already
    • Draft agenda for our work day on March 10 is at
    • If you can stay for March 14, we'll be around but not scheduling formal team meetings

  • Partnership next steps
    • Please reach out to the teams you are partnering with.  For reference, the information about who we're partnering with is now in the SmartSheet
    • We still don't have our 'product' fully defined yet, so things may be ad hoc at first.  Let's use this as a chance to pilot some efforts that can go into our partnership package
        • good introductory discussion topics
          • what do you need / how can we help?
          • first cut at a draft pathway -- if you know you want people doing X, what steps can people take to get there?
          • logistics -- how often should we meet?  when/where, etc. -- set up agenda, invites, pads, etc.
          • What is the level of active contributor for your work?
      • VP meeting on March 14 is a good forcing function to get more clarity here so we can share out with that group what partnering with us looks like
    • In the SmartSheet I've also added a Growth Potential column based on observations from our discussions about different areas in our 1:1s.  There seem to be a few high growth potential areas emerging:
      • Location (Pierros)
      • QA (Michelle)
      • Webdev (Christie)
      • Privacy/Policy (Larissa)
      • Community Engagement (William)
    • Preparing these high growth potential areas to take advantage of the channels where we can reach large numbers of potential contributors will give us direction going into Q2 
  • Discussion forums