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Core team weekly meeting
Date & Time: Monday 7 April 2014 @ 5pm UTC
Location: CBT vidyo room (
Moderator: David 
Last agenda + notes:
Parking lot:


  • Post Q2 goals and depencies on goals pad


  • Discussion about the last couple of weeks and how we can move forward
    • I think the project needs the work we're doing now more than ever so we can show that Mozilla is a place where everyone who cares about the future of the internet can contribute
    • I agree and I am hearing same from the community but it is complex and diverse and some people are hurting and good ontention may be missed or misconstrued in this context so... lets discuss and be intentional. 

  • Q2 Goals

Bumped Items

  • Action items
    • Action items from today:
      • Pierros  will update alliance document about communication across timezone  and    Dino will add draft set of words we want in our team lexicon -(sorry no time - pierros)
    • Action items from last week: 
      • Christie to take a pass at an outline for what we'd want to include in the Enabling Communities Town Hall meeting for next week's team meeting
      • All: update team wiki page with specific projects and skillsets we have/are working on
      • Michelle: Share the google doc playbook with the team ( changed action item to reflect what is actually happening, will call for action when I share it)
      • David to cancel goals meeting on Wednesday and instead people will discuss  goals in their 1:1 and we will all review goals on Monday
      • David  to add note about communicating out to the project in our homework and  team agendas to help us be more intentional about being public about  what we're doing

  • Nominations for community building superstar badge
  • Communications -- what do we want to share with project this week?

  • Rotating Updates (10 minutes)
    • This week: Dino
    • Next week: ?

  • Partner dashboard
    • Are people comfortable with making the whole partner SmartSheet public by embedding it on wiki?  (No easy way to make just part of the doc public)
    • We could create a separate location for making notes about progress with partners that we don't want made public
    • Will there be confusion about specific parts of this, like the lifecycle column?  What supporting documentation do we need in place to help people understand this?