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Core team weekly meeting
Date & Time: Monday 28 July 2014 @ 5pm UTC
Location: CBT vidyo room (
Moderator: David
Last agenda + notes:
Parking lot:



  • 1:1s for this week
    • Wrap up impact discussions

  • Communications
    • What we'll share with the project this week
      • William will finally announce WPR's calendar tool
        • William will be solving to stop people from taking over the tool and David will support
      • Christie is preparing for the Wiki Working Group meeting next week
        • Logistically, etc
        • Jennie and Christie are working on the Education Curriculum for both the WG meetup and Grow Mozilla
      • Jennie CBT Bot, Education WG, Wiki Working Group
      • Sean wants to talk about pathways and buckets
        • Get Involved with user testing and what's working well, what's not, etc.
        • Internal Marketing Campaign
          • Everyone is happy about this
      • David's main project is about the legal stuff and the volunteer agreement document
        • It didn't feel very welcoming
        • Now it does that Mardi has given feedback

    • What we'll share with the People team this week

    • What will we share with the People leads this week

  • Upcoming visitors to team meeting
    • Amie (probably on August 4) to join to talk about onboarding work she's doing and she how we can get core contributors plugged in
    • Gerv to join to talk about a governance project he is interested in focusing on

  • Budget
    • I've asked Winnie for the actuals for the first half of the year and she said she'd send those to me as soon as she has them (in about another week).  Will share when I get the information
    • Curtis has asked for approximately $1,000 to cover costs for Renee, their GSoC student working on Kitherder, to travel to the Bay Area for a GSoC event and to give a brownbag on Kitherder.  I've approved those costs since the Kitherder project has had zero funds from Mozilla so far and this is something that would support many teams that we partner with.  My ask to him was to closely coordinate with the Systems and Data WG on Kitherder moving forward to make sure this meets our community building needs.

  • Strategy Lens
    • I had a great conversation with Mark Surman last week when he was in SF.  We talked about how to prove that the shift to intentional community building has been successful.  I showed him the stories we wrote in Q2 and he said that starts to get at a proof, but we need to do more.  Part of this is boiling it down and stepping away from long narratives.  Part of this is also how we construct the story.  His suggestion was to prove that community building solves a business problem (for example, Firefox OS phone in India needs geolocation database and we need people in India to collect that information) and then prove that helping teams implement a contribution pathway solves that need (can we show how effective Location Services was at bringing in contributors before we supported them and after plus what does our support look like -- what can we show people we did, such as here's a visual of the pathway).  Mark was also very happy to see how we've been system-itizing things -- I showed him the partner dashboard, lifecycle and conversion points and he was glad to get into the details of it all.

  • PTO/Travel
    • Larissa back from India on Tuesday
    • Pierros PTO Wednesday 07/23 to Tuesday 07/29 for Astro event.


In 2 minutes, answer the question: what problems are you solving for this week?

  • William
    • bringing WPR/CBT/Engagement folks together to address the event calendar tool discussion and figure out next steps
  • Pierros

  • Larissa

  • Michelle

  • Christie
    • Prepping for WWG meetup and Wikimania next week
    • Working on CB curriculum (next iternation wg meetup in August)
    • Grow Mozilla application
    • Misc partner work
  • Jennie
    • CBT IRC Bot and Partnership with Open Hatch
    • Prepping to WWG meetup and also WG meetup with Pathways
    • Working on CB curriculum
    • Pathways with Sean
    • Grow Mozilla Facilitation, application, etc

  • Sean
    • picking buckets on Get Involved page and designing how pathways show up through exacttarget communication (w/ Jennie)
    • Get Involved test results
    • team alignment around communication plan
    • making sure Justin O'Kelly has what he needs for journalistic interviews with contributors
    • helping UXR design their contributor pilot, solving for blockers
  • David


  • Nominations for community building superstar badge (2 minutes)

  • Follow-up from increasing visibility at last week's call (David)
    • Stand-ups:  Let's try baking this into the format of our team meeting to try it  out.  Does this give us enough time for other discussions?  Would it work better (or not) in the hack time?
      • Is the standup trying to solve the one thing or is it solving something larger?
      • Is the standup "What did you do yesterday, what are you going to do today, and what are your blockers?" Usually done daily but can be done weekly.
        • Should we eliminate the blockers question?

    • Hack-time: Wasn't clear what the choice was last week between Tuesday and Wednesday.  Who owns the invite?
      • Michelle, AFAIK

    • Documentation: There is clearly a balance we need to strike between not overwhelming  people with documentation requirements and making relevant information  discoverable/knowable.
      • For me (David), the missing documentation is the pathways and the active contribution level for all partnerships. +1
      • Missing documentation has been identified as a blocker for others though in terms of how they partner, so this isn't just a question of the documentation I need.
    • Project management
      • How do we want to organize our work?
      • Is Trello working for people?
        • Limited, but it is helpful
      • Christie has offered to ask Benjamin Sternthal to join to talk about project management options we may want to consider +1

  • Rough plan for Q3 internal marketing campaign (Michelle/Sean)
  • Preparing for our work week in August (David)

Action items and notes

Chris is the new CEO. Hurray

  • There are a lot of new things that Chris will be sharing
  • There will be some implications for our team.
  • There will be some short term changes through the end of August
  • Mark Surman is the person who is in charge of this
  • They recognize that there is a skill and a function here
    • There's a new team who's assembled to discuss the changes