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As part of our quarterly goals, we need to keep a steady backlog of entrypoint, mentored and "diamond" bugs starter bugs available to new contributors. This document links too those issues that are tracked in Bugzilla, though some links are provided to projects being tracked in GitHub.

Good First Bugs

The quarterly GFB goal is to maintain a minimum of 40 good first bugs with active mentors available at all times. We are meeting this goal comfortably. Limiting our search to Core, Firefox, Firefox for Android, Firefox OS, Toolkit, Webtools as of late May there are approximately 130 unassigned Good First Bugs with mentors available.

Broken out by component, unassigned Good First Bugs are listed here and the most nootable part of that data is long and pointy that long tail is; most components have only two or three good first bugs associated with them.

Mentored Bugs

The quarterly Mentored bug goal is to maintain a minimum of 30 bugs with willing mentors available at all times. Again, we are meeting this goal comfortably: There are approximately 270 unassigned mentored bugs across the same set of components.

Broken out by component, those bugs are listed here and as above that tail is long and pointy.

Diamond bugs

The quarterly Diamond bugs goal is to maintain 10 available "Diamond" bugs, bugs that have been assigned a priority rating by an engineering team but have not been assigned to an engineer. We are not meeting this target. At the moment there are less than 10 diamond bugs available. I am reaching out to other engineering teams to evangelize the notion of diamond bugs, and hope to be able to meet those numbers shortly.