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Here are three simple steps you can take to connect someone to a project at Mozilla.

Tell them about our mission

Mozilla has a mission to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web and we're organized in an open way where anyone can participate to advance that mission.

Most people know that Mozilla makes Firefox, but most people aren't aware that volunteers are crucial to creating Firefox and to supporting our mission.

When people learn about our mission and that they can help with it, many of them want to learn about how they can get involved.

Reference material for people who want to learn more about the mission:

Tell them we need their help

Many people assume that only people who know how to code can help and that's not the case. Anyone can help Mozilla—we need thinkers, builders, educators and hackers.

It also doesn't matter how much time someone has to give. Some contribution opportunities only take a few minutes (like spreading the word about Firefox) and some take longer (taking on a semester long coding project for school).

Tell them where to find opportunities

Once someone is ready to start contributing, you just need to point them to the right place.

If they aren't sure what they want to do, point them to the general opportunities available. If they are interested in something in particular, point them to information about specific opportunities.

General opportunities

The following are good resources for people who want to get an overview of all of the different types of contribution opportunities that are available:

Specific opportunities

Most teams have pages with information about how to get started on contribution to their projects. If someone is interested in a specific area, check with that team for where to send them.

For instance, if people want to answer questions from Firefox users, the Support team has a great page that makes it easy for someone to start helping:

If your team doesn't have a contribution opportunities page, start one on the wiki so people can learn about how to help you.

Local opportunities

People can also get connected to Mozilla where they live. You can point people to the following resources to find Mozillians near them.