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  • Jennierose
  • Christie


First Christie brought Jennie up to date:

  • Reviewed plans to have a brainstorm with larger Mozilla community using mozilla moderator

Next we talked about what's possible to do this year (2014)?

  • Can we find a conflict training that most of CBT and HRBPs can attend?
  • This is the instructor Jennie has trained with:
  • Would like the people who have been trained in conflict resolution be from across the organization (including community members).
  • Have a day of the Community Builders meetup and year end to have community building training.
  • Have some kind of community building curriculum at late-Summer and Fall Mozcamps.
  • In order to do this, we should start with existing curriculum (there is a lot out there) and adapt for Mozilla. Creating something from scratch requires more resources than we have available to us.

We looked at some existing resources:

  • Seeds for change resources:
    • assumes that everyone is coming from a certain level or point of view
    • has a very 'activist' feel, which is not necessarily a good fit for Mozilla
  • but we could probably build bridging materials
  • lots of other resources. let's generate a list and share for next meeting

Other things mentioned:

  • we should brainstorm ways to recognize good community building skills.
  • Check with other orgs: WMF, OpenHatch, etc.

Next Steps

  • identify existing resources
  • Identify what's missing or not appropriate for Mozilla
  • Find ways to bridge that...
  • Start presenting the material (hopefully at Mozcamps):

Action Items

  • jennie to try and setup meeting with person she took conflict resolution from
  • christie to schedule further meetings (10am PT everyother TUES)
  • all: generate list of resources and scan through them