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L10n Community Building Re-Sync

Been trying to pin point differences in how community building in structured across l10n. 
Within Mozilla localization, there is l10n team helping to drive l10n across project, but less a coherent community and more a conglomeration of many, many l10n communities with their own identities and ways of doing things. Communities all have different needs. Want to be able to respect the uniqueness of each of these communities, allow them to do community building in the way they need.

~dozen contribution pathways to firefox desktop l10n, they all suck in their own way
all working in incompatible baselines

es has different contribution pathway for desktop that firefox os
does have to be some element of standardization

what does l10n want to accomplish this year?

* lots of contributors we know we have but we're not reaching them with current communication. e.g. announcements 
some not getting emails (e..g they've unsubscribed)
getting emails but not reading or not understanding
* would like to understand commitments that contributors make
* some teams falling behind in their localizations
* need to share information. e..g a break in string freeze, or some kind of upcoming deadline. call to action. here is information, please act accordingly
* other times it's to start a dialog; how is community working, what do they need
* common pattern: you see people who are active, but don't see those who aren't active

* need help looking for new people for locales don't have time to work with

* lacking ability to communicate across communities

* localization special interest group within reps
    - Aimed to find new blood, but needs tooling to make it efficient.

* would like more backups for a few locales
* rather than invite folks to our channels, go into theirs
* would like something that offers a shared address book so drivers can reach out of folks

want to be able to focus community building goals around org goals:

  • Basing community building efforts around the org goal of increased Firefox desktop usage. To accomplish this, we:
    • Need quality localizations
    • Need  to rebuild relationships with array of localization communities that  have been burned in the past due to planning issues with FxOS and  Fennec.
    • Need to have confidence that communication is being received by participants in this goal.

recognize people's contributions as community building efforts.

would like to have access to resource that other teams do
localized promo snippets on nightly, for example
communicate directly with potential contributors
badges (design for), gear

find volunteers who are good at communicating in their languages
should be a contribution path for communications
need communities that are not just l10n - those communities don't grow, need greater variety of skills and activities
some reps have been really involved in doing this < jeff working with rosana on this
perhaps there needs to be a specific contribution pathway within l10n

mature community:
~200 active weekly contributors
~300 semi-active weekly contributors
~1000 casual contributors


firefox desktop, 
firefox android, 
firefox os, 
handful of websites (anything on plus one-off campaigns)?, 
also tech infra shared with thunderbird/seamonkey/lightning

other items not necessarily in a system:
newsletters - done by email (managed by jess davis)
marketing material - 
legal documents
snippets (pontoon)


(community members also involved in creating these)

many websites in verbatim, but not all