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Community Building Strategy for MozSpaces

Below is the community building strategy for MozSpaces (aka Mozilla offices) developed and refined by William Quiviger (CBT) and Rob Middleton (WPR) in Q2 2014.

Context & Vision

Mozilla’s top level goal for 2014 is to increase its volunteer contributor base by 10X. Mozilla’s spaces can play a critical role in supporting this goal.

We need to evolve our informal, organic and ad hoc approach to using our community spaces into a strategic, intentional and scalable approach.

Mozilla’s community spaces around the world can attract talent and connect new active contributors to contribution opportunities of our key focus areas

Answering a need

These are quotes from Paris staff expressing their desire to use the Paris Community Space for their community building needs:

Paris Space Quotes.png

Community Building Focus Areas

The CBT has identified 10 high growth potential areas that align with our strategic priorities. Activities in our communities spaces will specifically aim to connect people to the following focus areas:

  • Coding
  • Engagement
  • Location Services
  • QA
  • User Research
  • Documentation
  • Localization
  • Privacy/Policy
  • Support
  • Web Compatibility


Starting in May, if our objective was to organize 3 public events a week (or ~96/ year) in each one of our 12 Mozilla offices, and recruit on average 1 new active contributor from a high growth area per event....

12 (# of community spaces) x 96 (# of events/year) x 1 (contributor)

...we could recruit ~1152 active contributors by the end of 2014 ! !

Paris Pilot

There is an opportunity to run an experimental pilot project in the Paris office which would consist of hiring 2 part-time space coordinators (1 for technical events and 1 for non-technical events) for 3 months

This project will aim to drive an aggressive event schedule to recruit contributors and enable us to identify challenges and opportunities and draw key lessons

The pilot project has been selected based on the following criteria: William Quiviger is based in Paris non-technical (Clarista) and technical (AxelViala) space coordinators are very well known in the community

90-day Roadmap for Paris Pilot

90 day roadmap paris.png

UPDATE July 2014: pilot is nearing its end and the community building numbers are impressive. See Paris Pilot metrics dashboard here.