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Meeting Details

  • Meeting time: Monday, March 24 at 10:30 AM Pacific
  • Video: David Boswell's vidyo room (use this link for guest access)
  • Audio: If video doesn't work, call +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - conf 9634#
  • Back channel: #webdev


  • Introductions
  • Contributor growth goal in 2014
  • Helping Webprod design for participation
    • Start with as pilot and roll out to Mozillians,,
  • Increasing meeting attendance
    • Is current time not ideal? Do we need a focus like launching Are people too busy?
  • Opportunities to coordinate with Web QA
  • Metrics
    • Nigel B interested in monthly new webdev contributors report


  • Webdev hackathons
    • Luke to draft template
    • willkg also looking to do a webdev hack session at Summit that could serve as a template
    • Next step will be to try it out and document how it went
  • Webdev Badges
    • New badge ideas:
      • Mentor badge
      • Partner badges (ie, someone who has contributing pull requests to both Mozilla and other open source projects, like Code for America, Wikipedia, etc)
    • Other badge topics
        • Integrating badges into Webdev teams' workflow
        • Building out badges to be issued manually by Webdev team members (badges around mentoring, thanking, etc.)
  • Reducing barriers for new contributors
    • Top priorities
      • How to contribute to a Mozilla web site screencast (Sancus)
      • Making contact and bug tracking information easier to find on sites (bug 766906) (Rik)
      • Firebug + Firediff for easy CSS hacking without needing to install site (Sancus)
    • Other ideas (need to prioritize)
      • Linking to the Github page template in footer of pages on Bedrock (Rik)
      • Improving documentation and clarifying how different sites have small but significant differences to be aware of
      • Reaching out to Petri team to see if they could help make it easier for front-end webdev contributors to access to a staging site
  • Tulsa Webdev hack day
    • Looking for mentors to prepare contribution opportunities and be available online during event
    • Using this as a template for Reps to run other webdev hack days
  • Creating a workflow for how to handle webdev inquiries
    • Documenting current workflow
    • Enhancing current process (follow back up with promising leads 2 weeks after first contact, recognizing volunteers with a public post or swag after finishing first mentored bug)
  • Piggybacking on other contributor efforts
    • Coding pathway: How to make use of and collaborate with Coding Stewards
    • Design pathway: Are there relevant CSS and web design contribution information to add to Design wiki page for design contributors?

Action Items and Notes

  • Ben shared that in his conversation with cmore they wanted to have a contribution goal of fixing the scaling issues with connecting contributors to Bedrock opportunities. They didn't establish a numerical goal -- current estimates are there are around 10 webdev volunteers on Bedrock now. A big current bottleneck for Bedrock team is finding time to approve pull requests.
  • For increasing attendance, we've identified that there is a lot of interest in working together on a webdev contribution plan but attendance in this meeting is low lately. We made an action to reach out to people who have attended in the past and are interested (Luke, Ricky, Nigel B., Malexis, Sancus) and also to reach out to people outside of webdev who are interested in web development contributors (like rbillings from Web QA)
  • We reviewed Luke's analysis of web traffic on the webdev Get Involved page wiki. It's interesting information but we don't have enough data yet to figure out if fixing the wiki is the highest priority part of the webdev contribution pathway right now. We discussed talking to Pierros to see if we can get a webdev contribution dashboard prioritized so we'll get data about where the biggest hurdles are.
  • We also discussed roles for this group. Christie is joining the Community Building team and will be driving these meetings. Ben has agreed to be the Webdev Steward and work on a contribution plan for his team. We also discussed how everyone on the Bedrock team will have some sort of role to play and may be asked to work with us on workshops and other tasks as part of the plan. We felt that the Bedrock contribution plan would be relevant for other webdev teams, but we may want to have Bedrock specific conversations outside of this meeting and then share back to the wider group at relevant times.