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Meeting Details

  • Meeting time: Monday, August 12 at 10:30 AM Pacific
  • Video: David Boswell's vidyo room (use this link for guest access)
  • Audio: If video doesn't work, call +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - conf 9634#
  • Back channel: #webdev


  • Contribution opportunities
    • How can we improve how we're getting contribution opportunities in front of contributors?
    • Improve wiki? Use Kanban? Pilot BraveNewTalent? Something else?
    • Can we run any optimization tests?
  • Webdev hackathons
    • Luke to draft template
    • Next step will be to try it out and document how it went
    • Not something we should try to tie into Summit


  • Metrics
    • Webdev contribute dashboard is on Metric team's Q3 list
    • Additional automated badges will need to wait until we have better Metrics
  • Webdev Badges
    • New badge ideas:
      • Mentor badge
      • Partner badges (ie, someone who has contributing pull requests to both Mozilla and other open source projects, like Code for America, Wikipedia, etc)
    • Other badge topics
        • Integrating badges into Webdev teams' workflow
        • Building out badges to be issued manually by Webdev team members (badges around mentoring, thanking, etc.)
  • Reducing barriers for new contributors
    • Top priorities
      • How to contribute to a Mozilla web site screencast (Sancus)
      • Making contact and bug tracking information easier to find on sites (bug 766906) (Rik)
      • Firebug + Firediff for easy CSS hacking without needing to install site (Sancus)
    • Other ideas (need to prioritize)
      • Linking to the Github page template in footer of pages on Bedrock (Rik)
      • Improving documentation and clarifying how different sites have small but significant differences to be aware of
      • Reaching out to Petri team to see if they could help make it easier for front-end webdev contributors to access to a staging site
  • Tulsa Webdev hack day
    • Looking for mentors to prepare contribution opportunities and be available online during event
    • Using this as a template for Reps to run other webdev hack days
  • Creating a workflow for how to handle webdev inquiries
    • Documenting current workflow
    • Enhancing current process (follow back up with promising leads 2 weeks after first contact, recognizing volunteers with a public post or swag after finishing first mentored bug)
  • Piggybacking on other contributor efforts
    • Coding pathway: How to make use of and collaborate with Coding Stewards
    • Design pathway: Are there relevant CSS and web design contribution information to add to Design wiki page for design contributors?

Action Items

  • There was general agreement about the best practice suggestions for not automating gear and finding ways for teams to think about this on a regular basis. David will send this best practice to wider community building group for feedback.
  • Ben to get back to group if Stacy is interested in having work on Manifesto be done by volunteers. If so, we may need to draft guidelines about what this will mean, for example we can't commit to delivering this on a certain date
  • Ben to report back to group about his experience using a community Kanban for matching contributors with bugs instead of wiki
  • Ricky to report back when Blackhole project is at point where we could use it for a Webdev dashboard