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Q3 2011

  • Communicate: Know who are Mozillians are and how to reach them.
    • Phonebook [David + Aakash] -- Launch 1.0, start regular bi-monthly release schedules to incorporate new features, promote to active contributors.
    • Newsletter [David] -- Implement new email template, start growing subscribers (by 10% of end of Q2 subscribers), add tracking where possible (eg, blog metrics)
    • Contributor Townhall [Mary + Mitchell] Kick off recurring contributor townhall forum for established Mozillians. First topic focused on Mozilla in new era.
    • Lexicon: [Gen] Develop set of guidelines for talking about ourselves as part of the community of Mozillians.
    • Students' Channels [Jason]
      • Survey current audience (i.e. newsletter subscribers, Facebook group members, summer interns in MV)
      • Revisit and expand previous/existing channels and create new ones to recruit/re-connect student contributors (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, newsletter, 'Get Involved' page).

  • Optimize: Audit and improve overall participation experience at Mozilla.
    • Audit Contributor Lifecycle: [David Eaves/Mary] Secure contractor to create model to audit contributor lifecycle at Mozilla to determine optimization points and leakages. Create recommendation for the overall organization + coding participation.
    • Get Involved Program: [David] Create strategy for bringing in new contributors to all project areas in the community, including:
      • Contributor Stewards: [Mary + David] Secure staff stewards for top functional areas of Mozilla (priorities: Identity, Home, Apps, QA)
      • Toolkit: [David] Create a toolkit with best practices, expectations, case studies (eg, Firefox logo), etc for how to bring in and work with contributors.
      • Funnel: [David] Create infrastructure to bring in contributors and get them onboarded (see Get Involved Evolved plans)
      • Stats: [David + Aakash] Investigate and implement rudimentary conversion tracking.
      • Communication: [David] Host a brownbag and other communication about the Get Involved program.
    • Mozillians: [Aakash] Launch the 1.0 and add in tagging onto user profiles. Develop a requirements document for an Events Manager and TaskBoard. Create a public nightly report or dashboard sent to mozillians public mailing list detailing aggregate information about relevant statistics for mozillians.
    • Input [Aakash] -- Offer a method for users to file a bug report on Bugzilla. Integrate the feedback data in Input's database into at least one of Mozilla's user services.
    • Student Resources [Jason]
      • Review student resources. Identify which to drop, keep, retool/enhance. Include 'student resources' in overall Student Reps program plan.

  • Grow: Increase our contributor base by a magnitude.
    • REMO [William + Pierros]
      • Complete Phase 2 WebDev (ReMo Portal)
      • Implement tracking/monitoring system to evaluate progress of Mozilla Reps
      • Create training materials per SIG (videos, screencasts)
      • Create and launch 4 SIGs by end of Q3
    • Student/Young Person Outreach [Jason]
      • Create plan to recalibrate and relaunch Students Reps program
      • Support and broaden reach of Fall '11 student campaign.
      • Consider 'students' SIG for Mozilla Reps who want to collaborate with Student Reps.
    • Regional:
      • MozCamps: [Gen, William, Jason] Create plan, theme and structure for MozCamps in Europe and Asia.
      • Latin America: Create strategy and campaign to create brand awareness and drive downloads in Brazil and Argentina. [Note: Execution to begin in Q4 and crosses over other Engagement functional areas]