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proposed by: timeless

reviewer tasks

1. reviewers with lists >10 items should be identified (this is trivial, bugzilla does it for you).

2. for each reviewer, contact them indicating that you've identified that they have a long list of pending review requests.

3. list the components for the review request and ask if there is someone else who should be doing the reviews

4. if they list someone who isn't a peer, note this and ask someone else about granting peership -- this is a different problem, we do a really terrible job of granting peership, i should have been made a peer for most of the world years ago and was only added to a handful of bits.

5. if they don't offer to offload, the alternative is asking them to commit to working on a couple of reviews one day a month, pick the day and calendar an event for that day with them to ensure they try.

shepherd tasks

1. create a query for bugs changed in the last 1 week (ideally it should be shorter, but....) where review+ is set and flag was changed in the last 1 week.

2. create a whine for this query (if you need canwhine or canwhineatothers, just ask)

3. if the bug needs a new patch add it to a public place to check in 1 week

4. for each bug, check to see if it needs <approval-magic of the day>, if so, add it

5. collect sets of 10 patches and send them to try-server

6. for the results, if they're happy, go back and add checkin-needed

lost-patches tasks

1. someone needs to review the list of bugs identified by shepherd tasks step 3

2. if after one week it still isn't touched, check the profile of the patch author, possible states: busy, unavailable, unknown

3. if the author is unknown, contact the author and ask whether the author would prefer to be considered <busy> or <unavailable>

4. if the author is unavailable, and the patch changes are simple, write the new patch, send it to try, attach it to bug

5. if the author is unavailable, and the patch changes aren't simple, add a keyword <helpwanted> [sw:needsnewpatch] or something - iirc philor has a sw marker for this state

6. if the author is busy, negotiate w/ author about whether to create a whine (ever 2 or 4 weeks) listing patches that need updates.