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Triaging Core:General in Bugzilla

Triage these bugs. Note that we have a Google Calendar with people taking 1 week stints of triage duty. If it's your turn, you'll get an email every day there are untriaged bugs.

Steps for Triage

  1. Review the bug's description and comments and see if there are any bugs directly related to this report. Maybe this bug is a duplicate of an existing bug; if so, mark it as such by setting the Resolution to DUPLICATE and entering the bug number of which this is a duplicate. If it's not a duplicate but there are similar bugs, change this bug's Product and/or Component to match the component of the related bugs.
  2. Look for bits of code (method names, component names, etc.) and use Searchfox to locate the code in the codebase. You can figure out the best bug component from looking at the commit logs or annotations (in Searchfox, hover your mouse over the rectangles to the left of the line numbers to see bugs associated with commits and see what Product/Component they were in). There are also BUG_COMPONENT listings in the containing file which can sometimes help. Move the bug to the most applicable Product/Component.
  3. If you're really stuck, ask your fellow triagers where they think it may belong. #triage-and-tracking on Slack is a decent place to ask.
  4. Sometimes (but this is a last resort), things can live in Core:General so just set a Severity to stop getting emails about this particular bug.

Changing Component

  1. Open the Bug
  2. Click "Edit Bug"
  3. Under "Status" change "Product" and "Component" to what you need
  4. Click "Save Changes"