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Triaging Core:General in Bugzilla

Example Query can be found here.

Steps for Triage

  1. Review the bug's description and comments and see if there's any directly bugs related to this bug. If so, use the component of the of the related bug (unless wildly different or only tangentially related).
  2. If not, Use Bugzilla search to see if there are any similar bugs, if you find a highly similar bug use the component in the similar bug
  3. If not, Locate identifiable bits of code (Method names, component names, etc) and use to locate the code in the main codebase. Determine the component tree from the code and assign bug to nearest component
  4. If not, ask fellow triage owners where they think it may belong

Changing Component

  1. Open the Bug
  2. Click "Edit Bug" in top left of window
  3. Under "Status" change "Product" and "Component" to what you need
  4. Click "Save Changes" at bottom right.