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Project Goal:
Create new Mozilla corporate identity materials that reflect our current visual and brand positioning.

Project Overview:
Mozilla is moving to a new office in the spring of 2009, which will require some updates to our existing corporate identity materials. Given that our existing materials have been in circulation for a few years now and are out of date both visually and in their messaging (which emphasizes 'Corporation' much more than we do now), this seems like this is a good opportunity to do a refresh. It would also be a nice way to welcome people to the new office and create the feeling of a fresh and exciting start to a new era.

This project would include updates to:

  • business cards
  • letterhead
  • envelopes
  • folder
  • general cards for various occasions, holidays, invitations
  • signage at the new office (building sign, door signs)
  • other new office requirements - TBD
    • Parking pass ?
    • Employee Badge ?
    • Presentation templates ?

Design Direction (ID materials):

  • create visually engaging identity materials that reflect Mozilla's values and brand positioning.
  • to that end, de-emphasize the word "Corporation" in all materials (in fact, this should probably just be removed completely)
  • the Firefox brand has much more global recognition than Mozilla, so we also need to convey that we're the makers of Firefox. In other words, if you were to hand out a Mozilla card, the recipient should also understand our affiliation with Firefox without any additional explanation.
  • key challenge is how to incorporate this inclusion of the Firefox brand while also retaining the classic visual elements of the Mozilla brand (i.e., the dino). It's a tricky balance.
  • design process should reflect Mozilla core values of openness and Mozilla employees a chance to weigh in, etc.

Design Direction (new building signage and decor):

  • specific details are still TBD, but this should be tied to the overall look & feel of the ID materials.

Process & Timing:

  • ID materials should be printed and ready by 3/15/09.
  • building signage and decor timing is still TBD.

Creative / Non-traditional Business Card Solutions: