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  • KaiRo did a talk on "Improving Stability of Mozilla Product" at FOSDEM on Saturday, slides are at
  • Ongoing problems with harddisks in a Socorro DB server cause KaiRo's custom reports to not be available. Filed bug 837738 on it.


  • Trying to upgrade disk space for the main DB ran into problems with faulty harddisks.
  • Another problem with collectors was seen last week, numbers for Jan 31 remain low due to that (backfilling data probably wasn't done because of the DB problems).



  • EMPTY dump signature is really high across the board recently.


  • bug 806820 (SuppressDeletedPropertyHelper and friends) remains at >20% in 18.0.1
  • bug 783369 (Norton Confidential) still has the signature from the 2012 version at ~4% of all 18.0.1 crashes.
  • bug 836263 (AppendUTF8toUTF16, OOM) is rising, probably add-on-caused.


  • bug 806820 (SuppressDeletedPropertyHelper and friends) is FIXED in b4! No regressions to be seen! \o/
  • bug 836263 (AppendUTF8toUTF16, OOM) is quite high in b4, there seem to be some leads to add-ons via correlations.
  • No other concerns, b4 crash rates seem significantly lower than b3 was with the same amount of installations.


  • bug 828034 and bug 829909 (Plugin hang UI crashes) are fixed in recent builds, need some time to drop off topcrash lists.
  • bug 821733 (js::CompartmentChecker::fail) is dropping significantly after recent fixes landed.


  • bug 836811 (nsMixedContentBlocker::ShouldLoad) is new and #1 atm, but a fix landed and seems to have worked.
  • bug 827946 (skia::BGRAConvolve2D) continues to be ridiculously high for a Linux-only crash, it's PGO-only.



  • bug 752828 (startup, database locked) remains #2 on 18.0 release.
  • bug 812881 (, Galaxy S III) continues to be #3 on release.


  • bug 837373 (startup, isLargeFavicon) is #1 on 19.0b4
    • fix already pushed to beta.
  • bug 812867 (startup, Bitmap.checkWidthHeight) is #2 on 19.0b4
    • fix already pushed to beta

Aurora & Nightly

  • bug 827171 (nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::OnStartRequest) is #1 in Aurora 20.0a2 and Nightly 21.0a1
  • bug 834243 - crash in mozilla::layers::LayerManagerOGL::Initialize with abort message: "We need a context on Android"


Tracking Bugs

  • bug 833574 - (b2g-frontend-crash-reporting) [Meta] Other Crash Reporting Bugs
  • bug 761905 - (b2g-crash-reporting) Tracking: Crash reporting for b2g (gonk)

Top crashes

  • bug 574727 : nsAppShell::ProcessNextNativeEvent
  • bug 834372 mozalloc_abort | NS_DebugBreak_P | mozilla::layers::BasicShadowableThebesLayer::CreateBuffer