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  • 4 open code bugs left blocking Django parity
  • Shipped early last week (JSON b2g manifest files, fix a Java sig regression in new processor)
  • ElasticSearch is in production but not the default. Please test by forcing the URL - instructions




  • bug 865701 Is another flare-up of "the AMD crash" we have in 21.0b4 - we have built a 21.0b5 from the same source that doesn't show any such spike for the moment.
  • bug 851934 ( is once again lower in rates over the weekend, but similar to last weekend.





  • bug 863685 - Android crash in EnterBaseline on ARMv6 devices

Aurora :


  • Bug 827407 - java.lang.NullPointerException: at com.adobe.flashplayer.FlashPaintSurface$2$<n>.run( on ICS and above
    • QAWAnted
  • Tegra crashes bug 802827 and bug 782223 are rising over the weekend (the latter might just be the signature switching due to some kind of symbols we got)
  • STRs are listed for bug 760394
  • bug 752828 - android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabaseLockedException: database is locked at android.database.sqlite.SQLiteStatement.native_executeSql(Native Method) on ICS
    • still seems to be a pain spot.


  • Nightly was crashing high, these are the causes and why it's declining:
    • bug 864339 - Crash on 'New Private Tab' @ org.mozilla.gecko.mozglue.NativeZip.createInputStream(
      • seems to be fixed.
    • bug 860466 - crash in mozilla::gl::GLContextEGL::GetSharedHandleDetails
      • seems fixed, people need to update
    • bug 861796 - Crash in LibHandle::~LibHandle
      • seems fixed, people need to update
    • bug 847834 - java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserApp.onActivityResult(
      • Seems fixed, already pushed to aurora today

Other FYI:

  • bug 837370 - crash in TypeConstraintFreeze::newType @ js::types::TypeCompartment::addPendingRecompile
    • push to beta
  • bug 845729 - crash in mozilla::MediaPluginReader::DecodeVideoFrame @ on Samsung Galaxy SII and Note with qcom hw running ICS
    • fixed down to beta


  • bug 865764 - [FOTA] Crash when new system version download is interrupted and resumed
  • bug 865446 - crash on opening SMS conversation
  • bug 864427 - crash in [@ mozalloc_abort(char const*) | abort | mozilla::layers::TextureHost::SwapTextures(mozilla::layers::SurfaceDescriptor const&, mozilla::layers::SurfaceDescriptor*, nsIntRegion*) ]
    • Mpeg4 loading crashes video app
  • bug 862974 - crash in [@ __libc_android_abort | __android_log_assert | android::OMXCodec::onCmdComplete ]
    • switching from video app to camera and taking a picture


  • bug 862324 - Use after free of PGrallocBufferParent when the child process is killed
    • found through bug 864598 - Camera app crashes system when switching to camcorder
      • only occurs on master atm
    • resolved


  • Should we have a "Stability for developers" page describing e.g. how to get minidumps, how to get full dumps from users, etc.?