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  • Release last week: more improvements to crontabber to keep it from getting wedged
  • Discussion of how to fix B2G release channel problem: should have a workaround in place soon
  • Planned minor release this week - forced versions for correlations, minor ES bugfix, nothing else public/production facing due to the FX release week
  • Planned ES switchover May 22 if no objections.
  • Question about raw dump access for partners


  • Flash 11.8.800.42 beta has a new high-volume #1 topcrash in bug 869838 and bug 772097 has risen to #2.
  • The patch on our side that seems to reduce Flash crashes and hangs by roughly a quarter is going to release this week with Firefox 21!



  • Jan found a testcase for bug 851934 ( and realized he had already fixed this for 22 in bug 867482! This remains a crash to watch for 21 and a potential ride-along candidate for a point release.
  • bug 836263 (Crossrider) seems to drop off the topcrash lists very fast now.


  • We had another Radeon-bad build on 22.0a2 (nsStyleContext::AddChild signature, bug 714320, 2013-05-11 build).


  • No concerns, let's put this onto Aurora! (Could we get more ADI on it there?)


  • bug 870782 - Nightly-only crash in nsXPCWrappedJS::CallMethod caused a large issue for metro and ffx for android for nightly
  • bug 868342 (org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserToolbar.setTitle) stays high on trunk.
  • bug 760394 (Cursor window allocation of <n>*2048 kb failed) is also high on trunk.


  • bug 834164 - [Camera] Camera crash after opened video app and played a video
    • this might be resolved? don't see this crashing in recent builds.
  • bug 868965 --- [tara]B2G video process crash:Error deserializing 'bufferChild' (PGrallocBuffer) member of 'SurfaceDescriptorGralloc'
  • bug 862230 - crash in mozilla::layers::PImageContainerChild::FatalError

Note to QA: Video/Camera, SMS (RIL), IPC issues still remain the top types of crashes. Be sure to try something along the lines with these when testing.


  • Juan's netbook being shipped to bsmedberg for Radeon investigation - what about testing if we need a 21.0.1 etc.?
  • "Stability for developers" MDN/wiki page (how to get minidumps, how to get full dumps from users, etc.) - any progress on this?
    • Nothing from me, because last week was literally wall-to-wall meetings. Should get to it this week. -- laura
  • Ted has created a page we can use to inform Firefox OS partners about Uploading symbols to Mozilla's symbol server
  • KaiRo not here next week, who will lead the meeting? (Week after is Memorial Day, so no meeting, and KaiRo is back for June 3.)
  • Laura away next two weeks
  • When can we get a decision on which 21 build to ship (ie. push to mirrors)?
    • QA should be in a position to send conditional sign off for all builds by noon today
    • Crash-stats?