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  • Starting rapid betas today


  • Flipped switch to Django as primary on Friday (yay)
    • Wait a week (?) to turn off PHP
  • crash-stats hardhatted today for HBase upgrade
  • Pushed a release last week: exploitability, GC crashes now in production
  • New search UI has landed in master bug 844793 - should be in dev shortly
  • Goals - top of final?


  • Now that we have symbols for 11.8.800.88, we have a few crashes that probably should still be addressed in this cycle: bug 888614 (existing in 11.7 but at much lower volume), bug 888616 and bug 888617 (both regressions, only seen in in 11.8.800.88)



  • bug 860641 (RelevantKnowledge) stays high up but data suggests that the slowly-rolling-out new version is really fixed.


  • bug 883973 probably also fixed bug 884053, so both high-volume JS issues seem to be gone from Aurora now.
  • bug 885666 (mozilla::places::`anonymous namespace' '::NotifyPlaceInfoCallback::Run) is #4 and probably needs an uplift.


  • #2 topcrasher @gfxContext::PushClipsToDT(mozilla::gfx::DrawTarget*) (7.69%) bug 839805 and bug 877629 are two bugs with that signature.
  • bug 888458 - [10.8] crash in -[ChildView nativeDirtyRegionWithBoundingRect:] - Top crasher fixed on nightly and aurora


The following are edits as backfill due to Socorro being down for maintenance:

  • Nightly:
    • Top crash from Nightly is fixed, need to wait for people to update (bug 888381)
    • bug 888641 waiting for review of patch
  • Aurora :
    • bug 881018 - crash in mozilla::layers::floor_div
      • crash still occurring, still need to diagnose what's going on ...; STR wanted.
    • bug 839854 - java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.AboutHomeContent/TopSitesView$<n>.onActivityResult
      • STR wanted
  • Beta :
    • bug 871290 - crash in js::ion::Assembler::TraceJumpRelocations
      • STR wanted
    • bug 834243 - crash in mozilla::layers::LayerManagerOGL/CompositorOGL::Initialize with abort message: "We need a context on Android"
      • STR wanted
  • Release
    • bug 848810 - crash in base::CreatePlatformFile on ICS and above
    • bug 845867 - crash in mozilla::layers::LayerManagerOGL::WorldTransformRect @ on Samsung ARMv6 devices with Broadcom VideoCore IV GPU running Gingerbread
      • Lead Arm v6 issue; need STR


  • custom b2g queries ready for tomorrow, or will we create them once we start getting stability reports?
  • bsmedberg working with ZTE to get symbol uploads

Backfill from maintenance period

  • bug 881723 - crash in mozilla::dom::PContentChild::Write with abort message: "actor has been |delete|d"
    • need str, comment 6 has some ideas
  • bug 885292 - crash in nsSMimeVerificationListener::Notify @ nsXPCWrappedJS::AddRef when opening a signed email with S/mime
    • looks like dev is on it, and analyzing.


  • As per notes section we need custom reports once we get data
  • we need B2G 18.0 (1.0.1) and B2G 18.1 (1.1) reported in the graphs with the Marketplace ADU
  • we need release symbol files uploaded to our servers
  • we need a way to check system versus app crashes so we can prioritize system crash higher
  • we need a per device report


  • For B2G :
    • prioritize custom reports once we get some data to formulate the custom reports
    • prioritize system crashes versus application crashes