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  • PostgreSQL maintenance this Thursday
  • Supersearch (ElasticSearch) and the data API are staged. Please test.
  • Big release last week


  • New high-ranking Flash crash in 11.8
    • bug 888616 - [adbe 3587408] crash in memcpy_s | F1723298457



  • bug 812683 (Win7 D2D/D3D11) seems to have changed signatures a bit with recent Patch Tuesday. The problem might very well be on the ASUS side, with their "Gamer OSD". We should contact them.
  • RelevantKnowledge bug 860641 continues only very slowly.


  • bug 885668 (JS_GetFunctionScript) is still a concern, waiting on the patch to land.
  • bug 881634 (mozilla::gfx::DrawTargetSkia::DrawSurface) is #10 now, needs investigation.


  • bug 892588 (NS_CycleCollectorSuspect3, with Certificate Patrol 2.0.14) is a new trunk crash that might need an owner (or a block)
  • bug 892582 - crash in nsContentSink::WillParseImpl
    • Is still showing some crashes since being fixed. :smaug says a better fix is needed in bug 676790. Should that be tracked?


  • 3 bugs still controlling the bad trunk crash rate:
    • bug 890272 - crash in SkScalerContext::MakeRec
    • bug 890515 - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bytes.length 0 must be a positive number at org.mozilla.gecko.gfx.BitmapUtils.decodeByteArray( at org.mozilla.(gecko.ThumbnailHelper.setTabThumbnail|widget.TopSitesView.getThumbnailsFromCursor)
    • bug 890590 - crash in _JNIEnv::CallStaticVoidMethod | mozilla::AndroidBridge::SendThumbnail
  • bug 871290 (js::ion::Assembler::TraceJumpRelocations) is #2 on beta
  • bug 881018 (mozilla::layers::floor_div) continues to be #2 in Aurora
  • Release: bug 845734 to extend blocklist for bug 889433


  • The story on ZTE symbols is continuing, but it looks like we finally are getting somewhere on separating open and proprietary symbols. Need to make sure we are doing this everywhere in the future and make that easy.
    • bug 891027 pulled symbols as it exposed too much
    • bug 894406, bug 891824, bug 891027 track cleaning up the symbols on Socorro for ZTE
  • Also, it looks like the first wave of Alcatel devices have been shipped with crash reporting deactivated, they seem to be working on a small update for that.
    • Bug 881431 covers not getting the symbols for build: 20130602070207
    • There is no crashes with build ID 20130606070202 nor 20130621* within Socorro so we cannot test the TCL symbols being in place.
    • bug 894409 tracks the symbols issue for TCL


  • Stability Work Week:
    • Draft schedule is up, let Alex or KaiRo know if we should shift anything around
    • We have the final approval!