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  • What has happened to bug 890650 (Investigate turning on rapid beta for Firefox)?
    • Staged, backfill running currently. If all works we will turn on in prod.
    • Question: How much backfill do we want in prod?
    • Already enabled for B2G
  • Not a ton to report because of the work week last week, but:
    • Costed out backups to Amazon Glacier
    • Need to triage the bugs that were filed last week, especially by comparison to other existing bugs - hope to do this with some of the Crashkill team
    • Will do a release sometime this week


  • Looks like 11.8.800.94 has been rolled out to all users now, makes bug 888616 look explosive.




  • bug 898156 - crash in Background thumbnail generation @ mozilla::net::FTPChannelParent::OnStartRequest - no movement here since needinfo?( on July 31st.
  • bug 909383 crash in js::ion::LIRGenerator::lowerBitOp(JSOp, js::ion::MInstruction*) spiking in Firefox 25.0a2 as of 2013-08-24
    • need URLs to work on regression range


  • bug 909238 - crash in nsDisplayCanvasBackgroundImage::Paint(nsDisplayListBuilder*, nsRenderingContext*) is very explosive on Mac. but only with layers.acceleration.disabled;true. false is the default.
  • bug 909000 - Crashes with set to false very explosive, but just fixed. to keep an eye on.


  • Fx24 regression's - Beta Top crashers. No movement here, any other ideas ?
    • bug 884047 - crash in mozilla::gl::GLLibraryEGL::fMakeCurrent @ libEGL
    • bug 890985 - crash in nsStandardURL::SetSpec @ nsStandardURL::BuildNormalizedSpec
    • bug 903993 - Firefox 25 spike in Android crash @


Top Crashes: 1.2

  • bug 901559 - [Contacts] [Gallery] Segfault when picking a picture for MMS or Contacts
    • already being looked at by dev.
  • bug 902927 - mozilla::layers::PGrallocBufferChild::Write(mozilla::layers::PGrallocBufferChild*, IPC::Message*, bool)

Top Crashes: Release

  • Camera Crashes:
    • bug 878542 - crash in on Keon / [@ ] on inari
      • Top crash on release, need ZTE's help
    • bug 901226 - crash in
      • Top crash on release, need ZTE/QC's help; it's on inari
  • bug 905818 - crash in mozilla::dom::sms::SmsMessageData::Assign
    • SMS/Ril issue on inari release

Stability Week Actions

  • Bugs filed ([StabilityWeek2013] whiteboard marker)
  • Will go through action items this week and makes sure we have bugs for everything (or poke people)
  • Will need to prioritize


  • We want to include a list of bugs on this wiki and in the meeting that we are closely tracking. We imagine a whiteboard tag like [CrashKill-tracking] or [Crashkill-focus] or such for that. Any suggestions?

Upcoming PTO