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  • Shipped 60 last week (bug list). Highlights:
    • Reports and lists now populate into tabs only when clicked, for faster initial page loads
    • Crash signatures in search results now link to reports properly.
    • Fixed several 500s in the crash_trends report.
    • Added graphics vendors and graphics devices/chips/cards to Signature Summary.
    • Search results now show the Reports tab by default, not the Signature Summary.
    • You can now configure which columns show on the report/list page.
  • Supersearch goes out on Wednesday (screenshot). Provides...
    • Access to all the processed JSON fields, both as search options and in results
    • Better UI: more options and easier to use
    • Faceting on all the processed-JSON fields
  • Q4 Socorro goals are pretty much dialed in.


  • bug 913043 [adbe 3627468] Flash 11.9 crash in F1987069282 -- #5 in 25b1 with 3.0 explosiveness since Sept 19
    • KaiRo has emailed Adobe (jeromie) on this


Norton Crashers:

  • bug 917792 - crash in js::ObjectImpl::getDenseInitializedLength() (with Norton installed?)
    • #9 on 24.0
    • Also associated with @ Interpret which has rapidly risen to #4
  • bug 918496 - crash in JS_NewStringCopyZ(JSContext*, char const*)
    • #17 on 24.0


  • Firefox 25b1 seems to be seeing a lot of explosiveness (source)
    • 7 topcrashes with a 3-day explosiveness of 2.0 or higher
    • 2.8 3-day explosiveness overall


  • bug 789568 - js::NukeCrossCompartmentWrappers(JSContext*, js::CompartmentFilter const&, js::CompartmentFilter const&, js::NukeReferencesToWindow) - has jumped to the top but tapering down
  • "EMPTY: no crashing thread identified; corrupt dump" crash is no. 2 on top and rising



  • bug 917515 - mozilla::Selection::Collapse(nsINode*, int) - waiting on info from blake
  • bug 918645 - WiFi bug - should have tested this on non LG phones


  • Comment : Having multiple for gecko channels really helps for figuring out versions crashes

Moz Central/Nightly

  • bug 915223 - crash in JSObject::putProperty
    • email crasher; regression range is tricky; spawned crash for email not starting bug 919006
    • happens in Aurora as well
  • bug 914823 - crash in mozilla::gl::SharedSurface_Gralloc::~SharedSurface_Gralloc
    • Occasional blackbox crashing/automation crashing


  • bug 915869 should be fixed now; fix needed to be pushed to aurora
  • bug 917594 - crash in js::ShapeTable::search(int, bool)



  • Camera crashes:
    • bug 878542 - crash in on Keon / [@ ] on inari
    • bug 901226 - crash in
  • bug 878366 - crash on abort in mozilla::dom::ContentChild::ProcessingError
    • Partial fix is in : bug 867025 - [unagi][tara][weekly build 13.04.17]monkey test crash in mozilla::dom::ContentChild::ProcessingError
  • BT Crashes: (Note: this fell down in the numbers, people probably gave up)
    • bug 891160 - [inari][bluetooth] Bluetooth crash in mozilla::dom::bluetooth::PBluetoothRequest::Transition with abort message: "__delete__()d actor" after trying to send to the Mac and then switching to camera app

Stability Week Actions

  • Bugs filed ([StabilityWeek2013] whiteboard marker)
  • Please get bugs filed for your action items, see CrashKill/StabilityWeek2013.
  • [nhirata] follow up on verifying that the bugs have been fixed
  • [nhirata] follow up on verifying that we have ikura symbols for the ebay phones


Upcoming PTO