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  • Shipped 66 last week
    • Now using jMDSW
    • Granular permissions now in place - if you find regressions in your permissions, file a bug
  • Extra machines for our ES cluster were approved (needed for raw crashes)


  • Flash Beta seems to be missing symbols, KaiRo has emailed the Adobe team.


  • bug 941892 - crash in mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak | mozilla::plugins::PluginModuleParent::StreamCast(_NPP*, _NPStream*)
    • the hola addon devs say they are waiting for the fixed version to be approved by AMO
  • KaiRo points out that several signatures may appear as explosive because we just got the current MS symbols.
  • bsmedberg posted to dev.platform about OOM crashes in Firefox 25, which are almost 40% of all crashes. Need to react more strongly?


  • bug 925459 - crashes related to bitguard.dll
    • related signature JS_WrapObject(JSContext*, JSObject**) is now at #10 on Beta
    • related signature bitguard.dll@0x16eb99 is at #6


  • blocklisting of bitguard is working on Aurora.
    • bug 925459 - crashes related to bitguard.dll signatures are rapidly dropping down Aurora topcrash list.


  • bug 942819 - crash in mozilla::layers::DeviceManagerD3D9::Init()
    • #1 topcrasher by far on Nightly


  • Crash rate on Beta down ~0.6 crash per 100 ADU
  • bug 920006 checking if Nexus 10 is still a crash to track



  • bug 939258 - When creating a bug for the B2G product it can't find the product in bugzilla
    • looks like rhelmer is on it
  • just have to get people on more recent builds for most part, don't have the symbols for others, or not enough data.
  • need to look into why we aren't getting crash data from released 1.1
    • both Inari/Buri 1.1 builds aren't still showing even though the builds based on the files seem to be reporting crashes
    • Investigation still occurring : need to look at production phone builds to see if the builds based on the files match as well as test the crash kill on those devices.
    • can't do anything about lack of symbols at this point; moving forward we have to make sure they send us the right symbol files.


  • bug 932046 - crash in mozilla::net::HttpChannelChild::OnRedirectVerifyCallback(unsigned int)
  • bug 939259 - crash in js::Invoke
    • need STR
  • bug 943049 - Geeksphone : crash in android::AudioTrack::processAudioBuffer(android::sp<android::AudioTrack::AudioTrackThread> const&) (
  • Bug 940751 - B2G crash in nsINode::GetProperty(nsIAtom*, unsigned int*) const
    • verified via checking builddates past fix.
  • Bug 927413 - crash in mozilla::gfx::DrawTargetSkia::DrawSurface
    • tracy verified for desktop; doesn't seem to be any more in B2G either.
  • Bug 914823 - crash in mozilla::gl::SharedSurface_Gralloc::~SharedSurface_Gralloc
    • verified via checking builddates past fix.


  • bug 940075 - crash in mozilla::dom::PBrowserChild::SendRecordingDeviceEvents(nsString const&, bool const&, bool const&)
  • bug 904483 - crash in GrTextureStripAtlas::unlockRow
    • only one crash


  • need to take some time to investigate why we aren't getting 1.1 data


  • same for the most part as before.


Upcoming PTO

David out Wednesday 11/27