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  • Question from Liz: Does that stability list still need to more invite-only or should it be public (or should there be a public one in addition)?
  • ADI numbers are artificially low over the weekend, see bug 992919.

Previous Action Items

  • Naoki to try and contact Geeksphone on their 1.5 crashes (waiting for reply from GP)
  • juanb to file a new bug for the net::Seer regressions in 29




  • dmajor: bug 987531 XTLS is probably bad software but it's no longer crashing. Are we in the business of blocking such modules?
  • dmajor: bug 973138 startup crash in __fnNCDESTROY, the module uses a new name every couple months, should we block the current names as a short-term solution?


  • bug 988548 (Graphics) - looks like the fix helped, its signatures are gone from the top 300 in 29.0b5 \o/
  • bug 987531 (xtls.dll) has dropped off sharply without our doing anything.
  • bug 976536 (JIT/GC) is waiting for uplift approval (now #1 on 29.0b5).
  • bug 987248 (part of the Seer problems) has a reviewed patch, needs to land anywhere still. We also still need a bug on the issue this doesn't catch (comment #10).
  • bug 976181 (nsContentUtils::IsCallerChrome) is probably a dupe of bug 913138, which has patches up for review.
  • bug 970362 Sylvestre has emailed F-secure 3 times, and we have a reply now, they forwarded it to engineers internally.
  • bug 988961 (InitFromBailout) has been waiting for ni? on Jan for more than a week.
  • bug 856796 (Yarr) is correlated to Avast, not sure on way forward there.


  • bug 740325 (_cairo_surface_snapshot_copy_on_write) has sharply spiked on 30 and 31 starting on 2014-04-04
  • bug 984358 (PNG encoder) is waiting for sec-approval.


  • bug 991767 has been spiking but should be fixed.
  • Tracking several crashes possibly related to GGC
  • bug 740325 is an old signature which has spiked in Trunk on 2014-04-04
  • bug 993003 is a new crash in Firefox 31, possibly related to bug 987127. I caution against uplift approvals until investigation is complete.



  • a lot of crashing occurring on Geeksphone for 1.5, 1.4; tried to contact them no response yet.
  • 1.5 has crashes but no symbols so we can't take action; this is making crash analysis extremely difficult.
  • Flame Build 10D-1 build came today; need to test
  • bug 973090 - Electrolyze GC/CC log writing.


  • bug 970403 - crash in android_atomic_add
    • happens in 1.4; closed this bug off. We're slowly reducing the crashes based on awareness of the driver issue.
  • bug 991067 - Cost control crashes after FTU steps mozilla::gfx::GetCairoSurfaceForSourceSurface(mozilla::gfx::SourceSurface*, bool)
    • fix on inbound.
  • bug 990908 - [RTSP] Video app crash at android::OMXCodec::read when opening RTSP streaming
    • being patched
  • Crash indicates that we do have to worry about being on the right android base:


  • bug 989408 - crash in mozilla::layers::PLayerTransactionChild::SendPLayerConstructor(mozilla::layers::PLayerChild*)
    • occurs in 1.3; need to see if there's a more realistic occurrence of this bug.
  • bug 992313 - Crash in ContentChild::RecvNotifyIdleObserver while running stability scripts
    • need to ping a Dev.


  • bug 976656 - crash in mozilla::gfx::DrawTargetCairo::CreateSourceSurfaceFromNativeSurface(mozilla::gfx::NativeSurface const&) const
    • STR in bug 991406; there seems to be action currently in the bug.
  • bug 989989 - [tarako] crash in BufferUnrotate(unsigned char*, int, int, int, int, int)
    • possible dup of bug 970007 - [tarako]monkey test crash at!BufferUnrotate; need STR
  • bug 991550 - [Tarako][Music]Switch between Music and Songs categories get crash
    • need help from the media team


  • bug 945335 - crash in audioTrack_callBack_pullFromBuffQueue
    • Dev pinged.
  • bug 871574 - crash in mozilla::dom::indexedDB::PIndexedDBRequestChild::OnMessageReceived
    • no action since jan.
  • bug 988105 - getUserMedia crashes on seccomp enabled builds on 1.3
    • there's a recent patch from last week.
  • bug 986365 - Crash in supplicant because of closing supplicant while waiting for event
    • looks like there's a patch that may be working.


Upcoming PTO

Action Items

  • KaiRo/liz to evaluate options for public stability list
  • juanb to file remaining Seer crash from comment #10
  • Anthony to dig into Aurora regression range for bug 740325
  • Naoki still trying to get a reply from GP, KaiRo possibly trying to contact them as well.
  • bsmedberg to follow up with Jason on JS crashes without action in 29 (Beta)
  • Anthony to follow up with bsmedberg on impact of GGC crashes
  • KaiRo to bring the __fnNCDESTROY crash up in the channel meeting for a decision by relman.