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Ted walk-through of Breakpad

  • Working on version to spit out JSON - better data format. Breakpad work done, Socorro work blocked on Metrics (Metrics stores all the data). They were concerned about having the capacity to save this type of data - requires more disk space. What do we do with the old data - migrate it? Not on Metrics short-term plan.
  • Breakpad has some code to do exploitability announces.
  • How much development is going into breakpad - our side, Ted, Ben, Jim D. On Google side, nobody on full team. Chrome team uses it so they will fix stuff.
  • Any other people other than Google and us using Breakpad significantly - Foul, Spotify.
  • Hooking a new product up to the crash reporter
    • Client side bits are really easy
    • Need some tweaks for B2G
    • Easy to get it hooked up
    • Submitting crash reports also easy
    • More involved pieces on the Socorro side
    • What info is in the mini dump that we don't extract right now
      • We have the register state of every thread
      • Just gives you more state info about what was going on
      • On Linux there is a bunch of info we don't expose - mappings, CPU info, stuff like that
  • Uploading symbols