DHylands SGS2 SerialAdapter

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This page describes how to create a serial adapter which allows access to a serial port on the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Parts Required

SparkFun BOB-10031 USB MicroB Plug Breakout Board
SparkFun DEV-10009 FTDI Basic Breakout - 3.3V
510K resistor
Some wire - I used some 90 degree headers.
SparkFun RTL-10424 USB Cable - A to mini B (connects PC to FTDI Adapter)

You need to connect 3 wires from the Micro USB connector to the FTDI adapter.
D- connects to RXI
D+ connects to TXO
GND connects to GND

The 510K resistor connects between GND and the ID pin (on the Micro USB connector).

Here's a photo showing the Micro USB connector with the 510K resistor. Micro-USB-Connector.jpg

And here's a photo showing the wiring details for connecting the two boards together. FTDI-USB-Adapter.jpg