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The purpose of this guide is to help prepare for the event so you can make the most of it.


The Mozilla Science Fair on Mar. 1 is a massive “show & shout” highlighting the most promising projects at the intersection of learning, freedom and the web. It's a welcome party for the DML 2012 conference, with a chance to meet all 500 participants and the press.

By hosting a table at the Science Fair, you get to put your project's best foot forward and demo exciting technology. With each interaction, think about how you can deliver more value to participants.

This is not a trade show or a marketing conference. Rather, it's a collaboration-loving, participant-driven learning fair dedicated to building tools that help people and address real needs. How can your project help others achieve their goals? How can you invite people to get involved? For that reason, the role you play is a delicate balance.

As a Science Fair host, you become a living and breathing resource (you!) who will answer questions and give a face to innovative ideas. But mostly, it's about having fun!

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Check out video from last year's Mozilla Science Fair at DML

Science Fair Exhibitors

Before the event


  • Prepare documentation and promotional materials you want to share with participants. The DML 2012 conference brings together super savvy learning geeks as well as educators, students, and funders who may not be so familiar with technical jargon. Think about different audiences and how your project will be useful and accessible to these groups.
  • Consider saving offline demos in case the wifi goes down. This is a massive event with hundreds of connected devices. We can't guarantee optimal bandwidth around the clock, although we are trying.
  • Speaking of wifi, what ports do you need for your project? Please list them here, if they aren't included yet:
  • Any other technical requirements we should be aware of? Again, we may not be able to accommodate everything, but letting us know in advance helps. If so, please email


  • Register. Please ensure your team is listed by your project name above. These names will be submitted to DML for official registration.


  • You will get a sign with your project name and URL. Please set up where your sign is.
    • Please have a look at the list of exhibitors and ensure your information is accurate.
    • Email with any corrections.

People and Program:

  • Take a look at the DML 2012 program and list of who's coming to start charting how you'll craft your message to these participants.

At the Science Fair


  • Set up your table from 16:30 to 17:30 at the venue, Parc55 Hotel. Please swing by with your materials and test the AV.
  • Please be standing next to your project by 17:45.
  • The press briefing will take place at 17:00 one floor below. The press & funders will then move upstairs, together with all the DML 2012 participants, by 18:00.
  • Doors open and kick-off of the science fair at 18:00.
  • A brief welcome and announcement of DML 2012 Competition winners will take place around 18:30.
  • Wrap up by 19:30. Please take all your equipment back with you.
  • Drinks and light snacks will be served during the Science Fair, but it'd be wise to grab a big meal before you come.


    • You will be provided with a table, wifi connection, a 42" screen, a whiteboard, two chairs, and an easel.
    • External speakers will not be available so as to reduce audio battles. :-)
    • Power outlets are plentiful, but bring an extra if you can.
    • Plan for 500 people seeing your stand. Bring enough materials to spread the love.

Don't be shy!

  • Everyone will be milling about, meeting new people, exchanging ideas. Smile, jump in the mix and enjoy yourself!