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DOM: Workers and Storage

Team Members:

  • Jan Varga
  • Andrew Sutherland
  • Perry Jiang
  • Eden Chuang
  • Tom Tung
  • Yaron Tausky
  • Simon Giesecke
  • Jens Stutte
  • Subhamoy Sengupta


Support the creation and development of important APIs for the web around workers, service workers and storage.


  • DOM: File
  • DOM: Push Notifications
  • DOM: Service Workers
  • DOM: Workers
  • DOM: Web Payments
  • Storage: Cache API
  • Storage: IndexedDB
  • Storage: localStorage & sessionStorage
  • Storage: Quota Manager
  • Storage: StorageManager


Projects can be found here:

Good First Bug:

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Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution Priority
1243789 Convert remaining mochitests to use tasks NEW P5
1661212 Improve DOM Cache tests by adding a few getter function to reuse the code NEW P5
1672646 Merge IndexCountRequestOp::DoDatabaseWork and ObjectStoreCountRequestOp::DoDatabaseWork NEW --

3 Total; 3 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

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