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This year we will use Data Privacy Day (Jan. 28) to kick off a consumer-facing advocacy and awareness campaign that reminds people to update software on their desktop and mobile devices in order to protect their own data and the health of the Web. Our hypothesis is that by driving users toward one small action that results in a concrete privacy and security “win” we can increase the likelihood of their ongoing engagement with Mozilla on future cybersecurity and privacy issues/ content, particularly with the upcoming Encryption campaign.

This campaign will be English-language focused and will run one week; however we encourage engagement of global audiences with the customizable “I Updated” button (in Bug 1239466). Contact lnapoli at mozilla dot com with any questions!

Team Roles

  • Laura Napoli - marketing
  • Sara Haghdoosti - advocacy
  • Jochai Ben-Avie - policy
  • Jenny Douglas - project manager
  • Greg Jost - brand
  • Kevin Fann - copy
  • Michael Ham - creative
  • Jon Petto - web dev
  • Michaela Smiley - lifecycle marketing
  • Chelsea Novak - community marketing
  • Maura Tuohy - social
  • Erica Jostedt - comms
  • Denelle Dixon-Thayer, Mark Surman and Jascha Kaykas-Wolff - Executive Sponsors/Approvers

Documents & Bugs

Project Brief Creative Assets Bug