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Program Description

In terms of providing better internet streaming content experience for Firefox OS participation program, we need to integrate software DRM solution to show end user the capability of playing commercial contents.

Product Requirements:

  • General requirement
    • Firefox OS need to provide a general DRM solution to Firefox OS devices
    • This requires a downloadable software CDM to support 720P (can align with Desktop CDM choices)
  • Commercial Product requirements
    • Firefox OS design will need to be flexible, CDM of partner’s choice can be integrated easily with Android based (gonk) hardware devices
    • Require 1080P for phones
    • Require 4K for TVs
  • Content partner:
    • YouTube - initial target
    • Netflix - longer term

User Stories and Acceptance Criteria

Title BUG ID User story Acceptance Criteria
Title Goes Here Bug ID User Story 1 Acceptance Criteria 1
Bug ID User Story 2 Acceptance Criteria 2

Program Status

Milestone Date Status
Software DRM Solution for FxOS 2.6 May 2016 CHALLENGED

Program Stakeholders

Role Name IRC
EPM Bobby Chien bchien
PM Joe Cheng
Firefox Platform Anthony Jones
Firefox OS Platform Blake Wu
Firefox TV Shianyow Wu

UX Specs

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