DS Store Easy Way to Update

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If you need to change a DS Store file in one of the Mozilla Applications, e.g. to alter the location of icons, this is what you do:

  1. Find where the packaging takes place, e.g. appbasedir/app/Makefile.in
  2. Look for items starting MOZ_PKG_MAC_
  3. Add --format UDRW to MOZ_PKG_MAC_EXTRA (if that item isn't there, then add it)
  4. Run make package in objdir
  5. Open the .dmg and drag the icons to the right place. Resize the window as needed.
  6. Eject the .dmg.
  7. Open the .dmg.
  8. Open a Terminal, go to /Volumes/appname and copy the file .DS_Store found there to appbasedir/app/macbuild/dsstore

done! (but don't forget to remove the --format UDRW)