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DXR Engineering Intern


Large codebases like Firefox can be hard to understand. Mozilla's DXR tool makes it easier.

By applying structural analysis and clever text search algorithms, dxr.mozilla.org provides a web-based view into the code, helping orient newcomers and speed the work of old hands. DXR 2.0 has a flexible plugin architecture to support analysis of multiple languages, and we're ready to pick some of the fruit that this puts within reach:

  • Improve analysis of C++, Python, JS, and our homegrown interface description languages.
  • Redesign and streamline our query language.
  • Push our presentation of search results to the next level: making results more interactive, adding context, promoting high-scoring matches, and adding controls to filter out what you're not looking for.
  • Make the UI more pleasant, faster, and more consistent.

The more of these you have, the better a fit you'll be:

  • Good Python chops for the back end
  • Good front-end chops: JS, HTML, CSS
  • Experience with parsing, search, or static analysis algorithms
  • Comfort working with a distributed team over IRC and GitHub
  • A fanatical devotion to well-documented code

In return, we promise you...

  • Enthusiastic mentorship
  • A small, plucky band of contributors with very little red tape
  • A well-tested, continuously deployed codebase
  • The opportunity to dig into LLVM, elasticsearch, cutting edge front-end code, server-side job management, or just about anything else you're interested in
  • The freedom to target only the latest and greatest browsers

To learn more about the project, visit http://dxr.readthedocs.org/, or hop into the #static IRC channel on irc.mozilla.org to chat with the team.