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D2BD Open Video Workshop

Make a video

  • Workshop participants will get a small .h264 clip from Rainer/Marcia, convert it

Convert your video to open formats

  • Miro Converter (link)
  • converts (AVI, H264, MOV, WMV, XVID, Theora, MKV, FLV, MP4) to (WebM,MP4,OGV)

Upload it

  • FTP - Cyberduck (attendees will use a shared public ftp account)

Place it on a webpage

  • .htaccess needs to have the right types in it for ogv to work:
AddType    audio/ogg .ogg
AddType video/ogg .ogv
AddType video/mp4 .mp4
AddType video/webm .webm
  • each participant can work on their own html page in d2bd/live
  • explain <video> tag
  • add ogg/webm/mp4

Internationalize your video

  • Universal Subtitles widget (link)
  • Demo the javascript video
  • (stores subtitles off-site, need an account)
  • Subtitle it in whatever language you like as the original language
  • Demo how people can go to the video and add their own language (localizers are standing by)

Popcorn with Butter?

  • Demo the Bieber pop-up video page
  • Demo the Bieber butter page and let them play with it (get as much of this to work as possible)
  • Links to popcorn & butter


  • done set up live dir with index page that lists all pages in the directory
  • done set up an html page per laptop, signs for each laptop saying what page they will be working on (9 * 3)
  • done add info to the localizer wiki on where to find the videos on the day of
  • done ftp account for girls to use
  • not happening for this workshop layout & print handout - include logos for Mozilla, Drumbeat, Popcorn, Butter, Miro, Universal Subs

Prep laptops

Download and install: Miro Converter Cyberduck TextWrangler/Coda Latest Firefox 4 beta Chrome