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General information

We will be promoting Firefox OS in the O2 Flagship Store in Cologne, Germany on the 13th of December 2014.

Open questions / TODOs


  • Send flyer to O2, so they can design the backside (Michael)
    • Michael can bring a Flame and a ZTE Open (that from Spain)
    • Philipp can bring a Flame and a GP Peak
    • Q: What FXOS version should we flash our phones with?
      • A: The Fire E runs on 1.3
  • Demo phone -> Check with Brian
    • Phones on the way to Philip
    • Phones arrived
  • Get flyer template from France and customize it (Michael)
  • Print the flyers (Michael)
    • Natalia is producing the final product, after that we'll print it
    • Flyers printed
  • Ship costume and swag to flagship store (Brian & Martyna)
    • 03.12.2014: asked Brian and Martyna for an update on this
    • 09.12.2014: SN filed, what's the status?
    • Should be on the way, if I understood correctly


Everybody books his travel for himself/herself. Arrival: Friday evening Departure: Sunday


Please send all receipts to Michael Kohler with your IBAN and address.


Alteburger Street 105, Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia 50678, Germany

Way to the Store from there: <to be included>


Friday evening: Arrival

Saturday: O2 store, about 10:00 to 17:00

Saturday evening: Dinner

Sunday: Departure

O2 Flagship Store

Hohestr. 65 50667 Köln

Everything is setup, we can have a table there to put our stuff on.