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Overview / Überblick

This page is about the meeting of the German speaking Mozilla community in Cologne on September 18/19th, 2010. It's the first meeting of this type. The former meeting in Cologne in September 2008 was for the Firefox community.

Please note: Because of limited space and time, this meeting is a non-public event for invited people only. Sorry to all other hard-working Mozilla community members we couldn't invite!

Practical Info / Allgemeine Informationen

The meeting will be held in German, mostly.

Date and Location / Datum und Ort

  • Cologne, September 18/19
  • From Saturday 12:00 (12 am) to Sunday 14:00 (2 pm)
  • Map of all ways during this weekend (thanks to Coce!):

Venue / Veranstaltungsort

  • Hotel Cristall Köln, 7 minutes walk to the Marriott Hotel, 300 meters walk to the Cologne main train station (Map)
  • Our conference room is booked from 14:00 (2 pm) to 19:00 (7 pm) on Saturday and 9:00 (9 am) to 12:00 (12 am) on Sunday. If needed and desired, maybe we can extend our meeting on Sunday.
  • Meeting point at around 12:00 (12 am) on Saturday is the lobby or another place where you can find us.

Accommodation / Unterkunft

  • Köln Marriott Hotel, 200 meters walk to the Cologne main train station (Map)
  • Check-in is only possible after our meeting. We have to store our luggage in the Hotel Cristall.
  • We have to share our rooms. (Wir schlafen in Doppelzimmern - außer unsere Dame natürlich.)
  • Perhaps the first person to check in to a room will be asked for a credit card as a deposit against damage and room charges; Mozillians are personally responsible for all room charges (excluding the cost for the room itself) such as room service, pay per view content, minibar charges, and any damage. Contact Thomas or Hagen during check-in if credit card is necessary but not available.
  • Bitte früh und pünktlich aufstehen! Wir haben nicht viel Zeit am Sonntag Vormittag!


  • Cristall (venue/Veranstaltungsort): for free
  • Mariott (accommodation/Unterkunft): for a fee (gegen Entgelt)

Attendees / Teilnehmer

The following community members have agreed to come:

  • Andreas K. (Wawuschel) - SUMO/extensions/
  • Armand T. (Road-Runner) -
  • Christine K. (Rothaut) -
  • Florian S. (elchi3) - MDN
  • Hagen H. (Fux) - extensions/
  • Jan M. (Palli) -
  • Jan W. (MaximaleEleganz) -
  • J. (Peter_Lehmann) -
  • Jürgen B. (Fenian) - extensions/BabelZilla
  • Karsten D. (Mnyromyr) - SeaMonkey
  • M. (bugcatcher) - (nur Samstag)
  • Michael K. (Coce) - Mozilla Europe websites & campaigns/SUMO/
  • Robert B. (rb) - Sunbird/Lightning/
  • Robert K. (KaiRo) - SeaMonkey
  • Thomas S. (Lendo) - SUMO/Mozilla Europe websites & campaigns
  • Tobias M. (Tobbi) - SUMO/Mozilla Europe campaigns

Everyone who is attending please fill out this table!

Mozilla staff participating:

  • William Quiviger - European Community Manager, Mozilla
  • Kadir Topal - Support Community Manager, Mozilla

Reimbursement / Fahrtkostenersatz

Please fill out this form (ODS spreadsheet) for reimbursement of your travel cost and send it along with your receipts to thomas.lendo [ät] gmail [punkt] com - thanks!

Format and Schedule / Programm

The German meetup will be comprised of 2 parts :

  • Day 1 (Saturday): Introductions/presentations, specific discussions, dinner
  • Day 2 (Sunday): General discussions, plans, goal settings, recapitulation

Schedule / Ablauf

Day 1 (Saturday):

Beginn Ende Thema Dauer Wer
12:00 14:00 Kennenlernen, Gruppenfoto 2h Alle
14:00 14:15 Einleitung 15' Lendo
14:15 14:35 SeaMonkey 20' KaiRo
14:35 14:55 Thunderbird 20' Pe_Le
14:55 15:10 Screenreader 15' Rothaut
15:10 15:30 Lightning 20' rb
15:30 16:00 Pause 30' Alle
16:00 16:45 Firefox 45' Kadir
16:45 17:30 SUMO, SUMOMO, Firefox-Wiki 45' Lendo/Kadir
17:30 17:50 Pause 20' Alle
17:50 18:10 MDC 20' Elchi3
18:10 18:30 Babelzilla 20' Fenian
18:30 18:45 Websites/Fx-Aktionen 15' Coce
18:45 19:00 Mozilla Europe 15' William
19:00 19:01 Weiterer Ablauf 1' Lendo

Day 2 (Sunday):

Beginn Ende Thema Dauer
09:00 10:30 Diskussionen 90'
10:30 10:40 Pause 10'
10:40 11:30 Diskussionen und Zielfindung 50'
11:30 12:00 Ergebnisse formulieren 30'
12:00 14:00 Abschlussdiskussionen/Verabschiedung (außerhalb des Konferenzraums) offen

Comparison of planned and real time slots

Contact People / Kontaktinformationen

  • Thomas
  • Hagen

Goals / Ziele

  1. Come to know all of us and our work/experiences (better)
  2. Discussing problems and hopefully solve them or making proposals
  3. Planning future tasks and projects

Notes from the meeting / Besprechungsnotizen

Task forces / Arbeitsgruppen

  • Kadir (Leiter), bugcatcher + Freiwillige gesucht
  • Logo: Freiwillige gesucht
  • Terminübersicht: rb + Freiwillige gesucht
  • Aufgabenübersicht: Elchi3 (Leiter) + Freiwillige gesucht
  • Nächstes Treffen: Lendo, Fux

Brainstorming / Ideensammlung

Please write down all issues of which you think they should be covered at the meeting:

The German community is very split. So we have no logo for the whole German speaking Mozilla community like the Italians have. Maybe during or after the meeting we can discuss a logo. If you have a proposal, please show it!

During the event / Während des Treffens

Dinner - ab ca. 20 Uhr

Aftermath / Nach dem Treffen

Slides, Photos, Blogposts, etc.




  • Websites als PPT oder ODP oder PDF von Coce
  • Rahmenprogramm + SUMO(MO) als ODP oder PDF von Lendo
  • Kalenderprojekt als PPT von rb

Mozilla-Köln-Logo: Created by Thomas “Lendo” with GIMP. The Mozilla logo™ is a trademark of the Mozilla Foundation. For more information see Mozilla Trademark Policy.

(Da ich nicht so genau weiß, inwieweit die "Anpassung" des Mozilla-Dinos in diesem Logo eigentlich erlaubt ist, bitte ich das Logo nur zum Zweck des Treffens und nirgends anderweitig zu verwenden.)