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Meeting Details


  • Firebug
    • Meeting notes from this week
    • 1.10a9 released
    • New Contributor Farshid Beheshti working on detached UI bug.
    • Sebastian improved Trace styling (fixed some bugs upon the feedback)
    • HTML panel & page syncing improved + new automated tests
    • Simon continues improving autompletion

  • Script Debugger
  • Web Console
    • Async web console patch is done!
  • Command Line/Global Toolbar
    • Another week, another bunch of fixes.
    • Theme patch is very close, needs review.
  • Inspector
  • Style Editor
    • Working on bug 727834 for native in-place stylesheet reparsing.
    • Fixes a few dependent bugs.
    • Got a patch to make transitions work for @imports from glazman.
  • Security Team
    • Investigating using sync's auth protocol.
  • Developer Ecosystem update
    • Tutorial going up today/this week.
    • Bootstrap tool is coming along, modifying twitter's bootstrap.js.
    • Web Components work ongoing.
    • Working on plans for an app ecosystem dashboard.