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Meeting Details


  • Panos:
    • helping get the profiler working over the remote protocol for B2G and Fennec
    • fixed a bug with stepping into a frame
    • fixed charset encoding issues with the debugger's editor
  • Victor
    • the way in which the debugger was checking if it was a chrome/remote debugger was broken and hiding some pretty nasty bugs, hopefully fixed now
    • experimented with collapsed panels by default when debugger starts
      • pretty hard not to surprise the user
    • no more hardcoded stuff in XUL
    • messed with the parser API a bit, quite close to having functions search operators/ click to jump etc.
      • this work should also help with the hover-something-to-inspect-its-value bugs
    • landed a bunch of search related patches
    • i did a 2200+ csets merge which bloodbathed builds on fx-team :)
  • Mike
    • Fixed a gazillion copy / paste issues (dcamp to review)
    • Fleshed out the toolbox API
    • Reviews, reviews, reviews
  • Mihai
    • wrote a document that explains the Web Console remoting.
    • a bunch of web console remoting work:
      • patch part 4: cleanups, removed all obsolete code.
      • performance investigation: the debugger protocol overhead has a big impact. see bug 790202.
      • various updates for all patches, mainly i'm now addressing Panos's review for part 3 (network logging).
      • adding a new NetworkEventActor.
    • a bunch of reviews for patches - can't remember which. :)
  • Honza, Firebug
    • Firebug 1.11a3 later today
      • - 19 issues fixed (e.g. showing stack trace for function-logs)
    • Progress on JSD2, the prototype is:
      • - Using promises for asynchronous data access
      • - Able to eval user expressions
      • - Able to explore objects in frame environment (scope-chain)
  • Heather
    • Light theme - making generic for reuse + gutter, selection colors
  • Optimizer:
    • Revert to last saved state in Scratchpad
    • Screenshot extension patches coming through
    • Web console should open JS/CS in Debugger/Style Editor patch coming up.
  • Dave
    • Debugger oranges have been going down dramatically
    • Jetpack debugging


  • For meetup the week after next