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(a lot of people have blogged: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/devtools-rolling-thunder)


Honza, Firebug:

  • Firebug 1.10.4 compatible with Fx16 released.
  • Focusing on automated tests
  • New FAQ page on getfirebug.com/faq
  • Next week: JSD2 adoption again




  • protocol fixes and extensions (esoteric stuff)
  • fix for 2 critical bugs for installed extension compatibility (debugger closers)
  • blog post


  • Profiler into devtools window
  • non-remote profiler


  • some webconsole issues

Requests for Information

Paul: Anyway to add a listener to a document when a particular node is removed? Answer: Not elegantly! harth suggested asking platform for a new event. Roundtable

Panos: Asked about Dark Theme implementation, volunteering to do it (in his spare time, of course!). Need an option / toggle. Joe suggests command and a checkbox on the globarl toolbar. Paul can offer some guidance.

Calls to Action

rob for next week's meeting