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Mountain View March 2007

Developers Days are loosely structured. You can and should provide some idea of what we should be doing. We should also try to get someone to step up and lead the topic:

Topic Lead?
Web Forms 2: impact, implementation plan (roundtable) Alex Vincent, DOM
Fun-filled presentation on HCI/UI design principles Faaborg
Community experiences developing for XULRunner: What works, what's hard, what's on our minds Alex Vincent
3D on the Web: Formats, Architectures, Plugins and Mashups

X3D Architect Tony Parisi discusses X3D, Ajax3D and the Flux Player Plugin.

Tony Parisi and Jay Weber
Web application support: In Firefox and as separate chrome (Site Specific Browser) Mark Finkle
Mozilla Labs projects .
Writing reftests David Baron
Quality improvements / testing for extension developers .
JavaScript helper library (FUEL) - Current plan and future direction Mark Finkle
Developer tools [What do we have / What do we need] .
. .