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This page has been archived and its contents may be out of date.
Developer Services
Team Lead: Kendall Libby Mailing List:
The Developer Services team works on version control systems and related tools at Mozilla.
  • We work on hg, git-internal, and vcs-sync.
  • We support the try repository.
  • We also provide operational support for Treeherder (DB only), and DXR.

Oncall for VCS

"Oncall" is really "escalation path" for services we handle. Start with the service owner, then irc channel (below), then escalate to oncall if no response.

Role Name IRC Contact

As always with service issues, please indicate urgency and contact information in any page or voice mail. Using Nagios paging is most reliable. For less urgent contact methods, see contact info below.


Name Contact Location Project(s) Working Hours
David House dhouse Montana, USA DXR, vcssync MT
Connor Sheehan sheehan Toronto, CA hg ET
glob Perth, AUS hg GMT+08:00

To contact all of the above, use the list or #vcs.

Additional folks work on various modifications and extensions to the version control systems. They can be reached at or #vcs.

The other systems we support follow the "devops" model -- the first point of contact for operations and support are the following channels on irc:



  • /Account Recovery - how to re-enable account access
  • /git - details of our Git DVCS system
  • /hg - details of our Mercurial DVCS system