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On 14th June, 2015 , for the first time, the Delhi Mozilla Community, let themselves in for the Developers Sprint V 1.0. This maiden event took place at Zooper, Noida. The main motive behind this meet up was to bring all the Mozpacers together , so that they could jointly work on the development of the official website of Mozilla Delhi and plan for the upcoming events. One of the pivotal issue of discussion was the planning for AngelHack Delhi 2015, where the Mozpacers were playing dual roles , both as sponsor and also as participants.


Those put forward by the technical team

  • AngelHack pre final presentation by Kunal Relan
  • Website wire frame presentation by Yash Sherry and implementation of current technologies and languages for its development
  • Division of work
  • Target for the next Dev Sprint

Those put forward by the non technical team

  • Number and types of session that could be conducted in near future
  • Personalities , who could be invited as honorable speakers
  • Involving more Mozillians in localization and also as webmakers, app makers.
  • Community health in other North Indian states
  • Emphasis on Wiki documentation

Key points of Discussion

Topics Covered by the technical team

  • Feedback from various Mozpacers to nourish the presentation made by Kunal.
  • Divaricate the official website of Mozilla Delhi Community from other websites by precise mixing of various technologies
  • Effective use of version control for this project and opinion of all the members regarding the website.
  • Discussion on GITHUB and Bugzilla
  • Change in the official logo of Mozpacers

Various technophilic Mozpacers conducted a discussion session to get a dynamic responsive layout for the website.

Topics Covered by the non technical team'

  • Spread awareness regarding MozCraft, MozStumbler
  • Venue and date for the events in the near future
  • Involvement of Media in the upcoming events
  • Initiative required to attract a huge no. of people for those events and thus, special attention was drawn to participation management
  • Brand Sponsors
  • Hacker Lounge was also in prime focus
  • Ways to make ordinary people more familiar with SUMO.

Website Planning


  • A collage comprising of all the active members and also some events as main page , with the logo of Mozpacers at the centre.
  • Two distinct sections , one for the bygone events and the other for upcoming events
  • Official sandstone implementation and tabzilla integration in action bar
  • Driving force that keeps the members active
  • Carousel for showing the core team members and contributor of the month
  • Links to other social accounts, Wiki page and that of Blogsite.

Technologies Used

  • Git for version control
  • Bootstrap responsive custom design for frontend
  • Flask for backending
  • Generic use of HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript/ Jquery

Target for next Dev Sprint

  • Knowledge for respective work chosen
  • Frontend 1st version for modification by the team
  • Backend API integration with frontend.

Completed Tasks Etherpad

  • Shared below is the link to the completed tasks pad -