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  • Added for a fast view of current Webmaker application performance
  • Added for a fast view of recent Badgekit app performance
  • Added endpoint monitoring/alerting for badgekit-api production in New Relic and Opsview
  • Added endpoint monitoring/alerting for badgekit-api in New Relic
  • Added a changelog to this wiki! :)

Week ending 5/30/2014

  • Added security headers (HSTS, IEXSS, X-frame-options) to http-helper redirector app, pull requests going up for all other apps that need it.
  • Launched starter infrastructure for branded Badgekit
  • Launched infrastructure and monitoring
  • Launched new http-helper app to redirect scores of url's based on hostname (my first node app, woo!). Saved tons of S3 buckets.
  • Added New Relic / Logstash monitoring for http-helper and Badgekit (mostly)
  • Launched production for webmaker profile II (2)
  • Wrote initial drafts of mofo integration database automation
  • Upgraded ciphers and settings on all load balancers, resulting in A+ SSL security ratings on all infrastructure.

Week ending 5/23/2014

  • Added monitoring for attribution databases and apps
  • Migrated to MoFo AWS
  • Created canonical MoFo URL spreadsheet to document all things about all the things.
  • Added standard naming for traffic, stats, newrelic, status pages for each app group on its main url: ie,