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Mozilla Foundation DevOps FAQ

Q: What the heck is DevOps?

A: Well, maybe you are asking what we do. We host all of our infrastructure for hosting web sites and applications, manage the databases, enforce security, setup deployment flows to take apps from localdev to production, monitor all of our infrastructure and applications, automate business processing, and a bunch more.

But maybe you are asking what the methodology of DevOps is. Pull up a chair, hit me up on IRC (jp), and we can talk. See a bit in our group philosophy in the meantime.

Q: Which apps or projects do you support there in Mozilla Foundation DevOps?

A: Well, anything Mozilla Foundation is doing or hosting! Opennews, Webmaker, Openbadges, Mozilla Science, Advocacy / Policy, Fundraising, Studio Mofo, Metrics, and many other MoFo related projects.

Q: What are those url's for checking my app status/performance again?

A: Typically, we have a standard set of urls for these questions per app.

For example, all bring you to the right place.

Similarly, and lead you to the right place. Other standard prefixes:

There is also this giant list of dashboards which may have what you are after.

Q: I'm about to start a project or app, but I don't know what all needs to happen to get this hosted somewhere. Where do I start?

A: Awesome that you are asking now, thanks!! You can email or check one of the other ways to request stuff from us with a quick heads up. Check out our App Deployment Guidelines, and if you are about ready to deploy, it is helpful to fill this form out. This will answer all the questions we'd ask you in person, and helps speed up the process of scoping the launch.

Q: I've found a bug or vulnerability in one of your servers/applications. Who can I talk to?

A: Ah shazbot, an issue? Well, thanks for reporting it! You can file a bug in under webmaker :: devops (secure bugs if a security issue, please), or email me at Also, thanks again!

Q: I am interested in what you are doing, and would like to volunteer and learn some DevOpsing. How can I sign up?

A: Awwwwwesome!!! Email jp at to get started, or hit the same username up on mozilla irc. (Hanging out in #badges and #webmaker all the time)