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Mac / Workstation Tools

  • MySQL Workbench
  • Fabric
  • New Relic Menu Bars (Apple App Store)
  • Jenkins Jr (Apple App Store)
  • Vagrant / Virtualbox
  • Sublime Text
git plugin
Pretty JSON plugin
Bracket Highlighter plugin
  • WIndow Magnet / Stay (Apple App Store) -- Two good inexpensive utils to move/resize windows.
  • LICEcap -- Neat free utility to record a window and make it an animated gif. Nice for demo'ing, documenting, teaching...
  • iTerm 2 -- Nice Terminal Replacement
  • Cyberduck -- Nice, free FTP/SFTP/S3 file manager

Browser Tools

  • Chrome: REST Console -- Great tool for sending HTTP tests
  • Firefox: REST Client -- Great tool for sending HTTP tests
  • Firefox: S3fox Plugin -- S3 file manager, similar to FTP.
  • Lastpass Browser Plugins (Chrome and Firefox)
  • YSlow Plugin (Chrome and Firefox) -- Good for assessing what you can do to speed your site up.
  • JSONView Plugin (Chrome and Firefox) -- Because JSON is ugly
  • Tab Slideshow Plugin (Firefox) -- Nice tool to flip through pages, I use it for dashboards.

Monitoring Tools

  • Opsview
  • New Relic
AWS Plugins used heavily
Elasticsearch plugins
Server monitoring plugins
Mongo monitoring plugins
  • statsD
  • ELK Logging Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
  • Netflix ICE -- Cost management in AWS app, opensource from Netflix


  • Heroku -- Fast, amazingly inexpensive...perfect for hosting prototype or demo apps/envs.
  • Amazon Web Services
EC2 (Autoscaling / ELB)
Cloudfront / S3

Services/Web Apps

  • Huboard -- Kanban from Github Issues
  • Lastpass -- Password/Secret Management/Sharing
  • -- Great way to check DNS propagation
  • -- Test your sites speed, compare to other sites, good options and output.
  • -- I constantly am having people go to this site to tell me their real ip address.
  • -- A promising every-mans gpg encryption tied with your social accounts
  • irccloud -- Decent IRC client over https, always on, good mobile apps. $5 a month.
  • Geckoboard -- Decent dashboard service, with lots of plugins and connected services.