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This is what we've done on the first six months of 2015, when the team was created/rebuilt:

  • We attended 22 conferences and meet-ups in 16 cities, 8 countries, 4 continents
  • At which we gave 21 talks
  • Had 62 posts in the Hacks blog (1 more than in the previous 6 months) about a million and a half page views, and about 800k users
  • Recruited 8 tech speakers from 7 different countries, who wrote 6 assets and delivered 11 talks. Kudos to Adrian, Ahmed, Andre, Andrzej, Flaki, Kaustav, Michaela, and Rabimba for their contributions and their successes in the pilot. Thank you.
  • We also created even MORE assets as a byproduct, i.e. libraries, demos, slidedecks, videos and content kits

Conferences we attended

  1. Sole: London Web Components #1
  2. Sole: Web Audio Conference, Paris
  3. Sole: FOSDEM, Brussels
  4. Sole: London Web Components #3
  5. Sole: jQuery UK 2015, Oxford
  6. Sole: Web Audio London Meetup
  7. Sole: Empire JS, New York
  8. Sole: JSConf, Budapest
  9. Sole: UpFrontConf, Manchester
  10. Sole: CampJS, Melbourne
  11. Sole: Harbour Front, Hong Kong
  12. Sole: London Web Components #5
  13. Dan: dev.Objective()
  14. Dan: OpenWest Conference
  15. Dan: Twin Cities Code Camp Spring 2015
  16. Dan, Potch: Fluent Conf
  17. Dan: Pycon 2015
  18. Havi: Google I/O
  19. Potch: JSConf.US
  20. Jason: DevNexus
  21. Jason: Code Mentor
  22. Jason: Linux UserGroup

Talks we gave

  1. Sole: “Introduction to Web Components” at the Web Components meetup, London
  2. Sole: “Super turbocharging Firefox OS app development with node-firefox” at FOSDEM, February
  3. Sole: “The cure for your Web Components hangover” at jQuery UK
  4. Sole: “The disconnected ensemble: a prelude” at EmpireJS
  5. Sole: “The disconnected ensemble” at JSConf Budapest
  6. Sole: “The disconnected ensemble” at UpFrontConf
  7. Sole: “The disconnected ensemble” at CampJS
  8. Dan: “Perf tools and Valence” at dev.Objective()
  9. Dan: “Rust” at dev.Objective()
  10. Dan: “Redefining HTML with Web Components” at OpenWest Conference
  11. Dan: “Firefox OS App development: it’s just the Web… or is it?” at OpenWest Conference
  12. Dan: “Intro to Rust: a new memory safe, systems-level programming language” at OpenWest Conference
  13. Dan: “Firefox OS workshop” at OpenWest Conference
  14. Dan: “Intro to Rust: A New, Memory Safe, Systems-Level Programming Language” at TCCode camp
  15. Dan (with Mike Taylor): “Debugging the mobile web” at FluentConf
  16. Dan: “My Python is a little Rust-y” at Pycon 2015
  17. Dan: “Fire your supervisord: Running Python apps on CoreOS” at Pycon 2015
  18. Potch: VR Lightning Talk @ Fluent
  19. Jason: Building and Debugging the Mobile Web @DevNexus
  20. Jason: Utilizing Firefox Devtools for App Development @CodeMentor
  21. Jason: Firefox OS and Developer Tools @LinuxUserGroup

Mozilla Hacks January to July

Users: 827,572 Pageviews: 1,426,843

62 posts - from 38 Mozilla staff and 9 volunteer contributors If you use JavaScript, you should dig in to: "ES6 In Depth - a multi-part series":

Tech Speakers

Results from the Mozilla Tech Speakers pilot

Piloting a strong participatory community-driven volunteer technical speaker development program. Kudos to Adrian, Ahmed, Andres, Andrzej, Flaki, Kaustav, Michaela, and Rabimba for their contributions and their successes in the pilot. Thank you.

Tech Speaker Activities: