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  • jason
  • sole
  • dietrich
  • callahad
  • potch
  • havi

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • End of quarter approaching -- Q2 goals need to be submitted within the first week of that quarter. Start thinking about your goals!
  • Callahad's DevTools video was great, but way too long.
    • Showed a real problem, and how to solve it with our tools. We want more of that.
    • Worth watching Bobby Holly's talk from HackReactor on the browser wars / monoculture / etc.
  • IoT work ongoing

Nonverbal Updates


  • Started planning our Whistler activities.
  • Worked getting PO in place for IOT contractor.
  • Worked with Bobby Holley on Reactor school evangelism approach.
  • Reviewed BrowserAPI post.
  • Reviewed Monthly forecast with Finance.
  • Met with Codementor to discuss future options.
  • Opened Bug for Evangelist position.


  • Started beta testing Firefox for iOS. Filed lots of bugs. Lots.
  • Persona Gmail Bridge successfully deployed in production!
  • Working with Rainer to put together a bunch of video bumpers for our screencasts / demos / etc.
  • Filed bug 1143857 re: our implementation of .fetch() breaking image uploads on GitHub
    • Fixed in an astonishing 35 hours thanks to awesome work by :nsm, :ehsan, and :tomcat
  • Published hacks post on real-world DevTools usage
    • Bug 1145460, Bug 1145747, Bug 1145752, and Bug 1145715 filed as a direct result of the screencast. Also filed Bug 1145771 and Bug 1145778.
    • Editor's recommended link for the March 20th edition of Web Platform Daily.
    • Josh Peek from GitHub: "I would have given you the full source if you asked ;)"
  • 3,000 die-cut 2x2" DevEdition stickers on their way to me. Then they'll be on their way to you!
    • (sole) YESSS I need many. All of them! no, not all. Some. Lots.
    • Havi also ordered 2,000 of them. And we've got 1,000 3x3" from Portland heading her way.
    • Dan will distribute to Jason, Sole, and Dietrich. Havi will distribute to Potch/Nick/etc.


  • developer marketing meetup mon/tues
  • nov event planning w/ events folks
  • met w/ sandra to rap about a hacking meetup structure
  • worked on a few blog posts coming up - 37, and power consumption
  • lots of tech speaker activity - met w/ dia, and worked on integration of story prog into schedule
  • rapping w/ dropbox evangelist - going to have PSU student group do some work there to support SUMO
  • more playing w/ getting mdns/ssdp working in add-on scope w/ some gaia folks, for local network device discovery and enumeration
  • got buy-in on my "make firefox os fast" patch


  • Moz Tech Speakers pilot pilots introduced to each other; locking down start date for program pilot, participant introductions, etc.
  • Hacks blog: upcoming posts this week & next:
    • Understanding and inspecting inline DOM elements (PBrosset)
    • Introducing the Tech Speakers Program (Havi)
  • Firefox Apps & Hacks March newsletter shipped Mar 19:
    • Content: DE Browser 38, MWC news, GDC news, Hacks highlights
    • Numbers: CTR: 8.0% Open rate: 28.6%
  • Where's Havi:
    • Wed 25 Mar: MDN Hack weekend/meetup in Berlin
    • Mon 30 Mar - Fri 3 Apr: PTO


  • Working on Hacks post on WebRTC and SocketPeer.js
  • Learned how the heck vanilla WebRTC works :)
    • storyboarded a nice animation to explain the process
  • Spoke with Dave Camp while he was in town
    • tl;dr he's quite pleased with our work so far


I have next Friday off.


Other Topics

Q & A

Anything Else?

Dietrich: Just got back from a developer marketing offsite.

  • Most people were aware of what the others were doing, so we're doing a decent job of cross-team communication.
  • People liked the idea of picking a topic and just hammering on it for an entire quarter.
    • Great idea, but what themes, and how do we implement them?
      • (sole) we're pretty stretched already re: covering important stuff, not sure if it's "good" to focus everyone on the same topic?

Havi: Ongoing conversations about where we take Hacks (redesign, etc.)

  • PTO last week of March/April, but would like a standalone meeting to discuss where Hacks goes in Q2.
  • Havi to look at calendars and schedule something.

Dietrich: MDN developer event planning.

  • PDX View Source conf at the Portland Art Museum (PAM)
  • 400 person event
  • Logistics? Potch: WiFi, Food, A/V, Power. Get those right, and it will all be OK.
  • MDN will reach out to us as needed, but DevRel should keep an eye on developments and proactively help where we see opportunities.

Jason: Do we want to bring Speaker Evangelists with us to the Whistler work week?

  • Dietrich: Looking into it.
  • Jason: In the worst case, we can use our own budget.

Jason: We want to make sure we make good use of our work week. Planning forthcoming.

  • Current ideas include practicing / critiquing presentations, hacking on rPi's, etc.
    • sole: I can't hack / focus during work weeks. Too much going on. (+1 callahad)
    • callahad: Food / drink restrictions? Gluten-free option + non-booze-centric would be good

Potch: Dave Camp doesn't bullshit. I asked him how we were doing. He's genuinely happy. Go us!

Havi: Going to Berlin for an MDN hack weekend. A few participants are also in our tech speakers program pilot.

  • How do our teams (MDN + DevRel) work together? We overlap, but are not identical.
  • Aiming for 5 participants paired 1:1 with MoCo folks.
  • Also overlap with MDN Fellowship Program; ideally folks will only be in one of the programs.