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  • nick
  • potch
  • sandra
  • sole
  • havi
  • jason
  • callahad

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Q2 accomplishments in. Will be reviewed in your 1:1 this week.
  • Also setting Q3 goals.
  • Several of us on deck for interviewing candidates later this week
  • Getting some IoT traction
  • Met with Games website folks last week, they want our input on site content. Nick and Potch responsible for that.
  • Wants a 2-minute update from everyone
  • Nick's heading to BrazilJS

2-minute Highlights / Roundtable

  • callahad
    • PTO all last week
  • havi
    • Hosted Michaela Brown (TechSpeaker) to participate in Library Digital Privacy Meetup
    • Also got some Hacks posts out last week
    • Dietrich returning next week, we will have a TechSpeakers checkin with Dietrich & current pilots
  • potch
    • Heading to Cascadia JS Fest tomorrow
    • Working with Hacks Blog redesign; getting staging instance turned on
  • sole
    • Super tired after Whistler
    • Trying to get better at explaining what we do
    • Working through backlog
  • nick
  • sandra
    • Following up on Whistler action items -- speaker URLs, uploading decks into Bugzilla, etc.
    • Going to be on site for WebVR demos at OSCON, testing out laptops instead of desktops

Nonverbal Updates


  • Interviews
  • Work on Orange Plan
  • Game Website redesign planning
  • New IOT video coming soon


  • Back from PTO; moved apartments!



  • Hacks blog last week: Firefox 39 Trainspotting (potch),

Streaming media on demand with Media Source Extensions (nick), How fast are web workers? (G Marty)

  • Hacks blog this week: GC in JavaScript, DE 41 (jgriffiths), Pointer API (w/microsoft, JWeathersby & Mbrubeck)
  • Activities coordination w/Moz Tech Speakers
  • Meeting w/FSA (Firefox Student Ambassadors) lead TJ Lee about involving FSA in Moz Tech Speakers.


  • CascadiaJS is this week!
    • Been working on my talk
  • Hacks redesign hosting


  • I created the MozDevs site!!!
  • Been following up more things I had in my backlog. InboxZeroing most of the days, yay!
  • Started assembling the structure for my "interactive" slides for September's talks
  • I'm also supervising a young student in the London office this week and past week
  • Prepared the Monday Meeting update from our team, as agreed in Whistler



  • Following up from Whistler meetings, including getting bugzilla modified for speaker URL inclusion
  • OSCON - herding the cats; will be onsite 21st-23rd
    • are you literally herding cats?
  • BrazilJS - Nick, Andrzej M
  • JSCONF EU being planned as another important presence event (sept 2015)


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?

Potch: Gaming laptop expenses for OSCON got mixed up. Should be delivered to Potch in MV this week. Nick will take delivery.

Sole: Potch's CSS scroll snapping animation is ludicrously well received.