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  • callahad
  • sole
  • nick
  • dietrich
  • sandra
  • havi

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Jason's offline through Wednesday

2-Minute Updates


  • (offline)


  • Flames en route to Berlin office to be reshipped to OTSConf and JS13kGames
  • Significant time planning re: Persona with internal folks (MDN, AirMo, etc.)
  • Interviewed a DevRel candidate
  • Q3 goals set. Mine are roughly: 4 talks, 3 articles, 2 videos, 1 published podcast
  • Recorded first a super rough draft of a DevRel Podcast episode.
    • Recording to be emailed to devrel@moco. Actual content runs from 02:30 to 34:00
    • Format decisions: 3 people, 3 topics, ~20-30 minutes of unstructured discussion around those topics.
    • Trying to publish monthly (the rough draft will not be published, it was to help us work out recording kinks)
    • Vidyo works better than Hangouts, but video quality is bad
      • I think it's the London office (wireless?) network T_T
  • Began researching Push API
  • Submitting to the JSConf Colombia CFP


  • Helped PSU Capstone team with mozAlarms issues. Filed bugs in core and against simulator.
  • Wrote, published and tweeted bookmarklet for
  • MoCo + DevRel
  • Work with Naoki to document build locations and update channels for Firefox OS.
  • Tech speakers round two planning w/ Havi
  • Met with FxOS leads about engagement
  • filed LOTS of bugs on firefox os and firefox desktop
  • various MDN fixes - line length, and worked w/ sheppy to figure out how to ensure code samples don’t get cut off
  • Tech speakers monthly meetup
  • Work on gradient fix evangelism w/ Mike Taylor
  • Worked to improve our DMG layout
  • Met with FxOS devs about dev participation plan
  • Worked w/ FxOS UX on opening up their triage, and enabling participation on design bugs
  • Wrote Q3 goals, entered into workday
  • Drafted FxOS developer contribution plan for Q3 & Q4, shared with Faramarz, Gregor, Mhenretty and Reza
  • bug 1170373
  • drafted TS2 schedule


  • Hacks blog publishing:
    • will likely need help reviewing 1 or 2 FxOS TV post from Taipei.
    • Restarting the Moz Tech Speakers pilot/review revised plan - pt 2.
    • working w/Moz Hispano localization team to get newsletter translated & shipped.
    • Worked w/Rainer on Moz Tech Speakers video.


  • (offline)


  • Playing catch up with things and stuff from last quarter, agh
  • Went to WebGL meetup, made content kit to help her with presentation, will redo as screencast
  • Replying to too many emails :-(
  • Spent some time working on library that many people use e.g. VR -> tween.js as it was quite in a "shambly" state
  • Setting "the stage" for my upcoming talks, writing script and trying various three.js+webaudio+npm ideas


  • Back from PTO
  • Might officially be on the team! Maybe! Need to check email.
  • Need to file a ton of bugs from Foxfooding
  • wrote a caltrain app for FxOS
  • email dev platform about devrel-needed keyword, monday meeting


Keep in mind upcoming key events:

  • OSCON (this week) - VR and Games demos in booth, supported by devrel, MDN is funding.
    • Documentation and training for MozVR
    • Games Demo Training:

VR Demo Training:

  • Brazil JS (August 20th):
    • Nick is speaking, Andrzej is doing a 1/2 day Games workshop.
  • JSConf Eu Berlin (Sept)
    • discount tickets via Sandra
    • Games & VR lounge
  • UNITE Boston (Sept) - Unity.
    • Andre Vrignauld & Luke Wagner speaking
  • View Source (Nov): Portland, still seeking leads for sponsorship.
  • GSTAR Korea (Nov) - games-focused event in Busan.

Question - when will the sponsored events reviews start/complete? Format of collecting feedback?

Feedback Form:


Other Topics

  • Question: who sent me (sole) more old Firefox stickers to the London office?

We don't know :(... Potch?

Devrel-needed Bugzilla Keyword

  • For flagging things that DevRel will probably want to talk about. Hacks blog post, etc. (
    • KEYWORD: "developer advocacy" - inbound msg from devrel to eng team
    • KEYWORD: "devrel needed" - "outbound" - from teams to devrel
  • Nick offers to manage
  • Make sure we follow up with Andrew Overholt once this is available
    • And dev-platform?
    • And Monday meeting
    • Also add a link to review the keyword to our weekly meeting template