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  • Dietrich
  • ladybenko
  • callahad
  • sole
  • jason
  • \n
  • havi
  • chrismills

Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • WebVR push coming for Orlando, focus on AFrame examples, requesting DevRel support
    • landybenko + \n on it.
  • Watch out for self-posts / ring-voting on HN around press pushes.
    • Best to avoid voting on our own articles.

2-Minute Updates



  • (offline @ event)


  • Completed assets and collateral for DevRel's NMIT deliverables.
  • Learned me some WebAudio!
  • Fought back a good bit on the email backlog.
  • Set up server for my blog, still working on importing old posts and not breaking links or RSS.
  • Submitted to a few CFPs (MinneWebCon, DrupalCon Asia)


  • Worked on 2016 planning
  • Met with VR team to discuss rollout of AFrame
  • Started going through AFrame
  • Worked with David on CTO ViewSource presentation
  • Reviewed a couple of posts on Hacks


  • work on brotli compression example
  • placed third in MV halloween costume contest for my handmade cupcake costume
  • playing with glium (OpenGL for Rust)


  • Sadly won't be able to take part as my 12pm flight has been delayed due to fog and I'm rebooked for the 19h one... so I'll be heading to the airport when the meeting happens
  • Joining from the airport! FaceMUTED! I can't even get your videos to show, just listening to you all
  • Last week in Berlin: Ada conference (Tue/Wed) = a complete waste of time and money, Loop (Fri through Sun) = very interesting and exhausting
  • Was in a panel about open source and audio, with mostly Linux audio developers (e.g. Ardour). I explained a bit how Web Audio worked, what you can and cannot do (yet), people came to me afterwards and said they were happy about my optimistic approach and all the ideas I gave them. There was also talk about how to get people involved in open source if they were not developers. The inevitable answer of "write docs" came up but I also suggested that also things like translating, writing tutorials, recording screencasts can be really great for raising awareness about a piece of software you like. There was also a bunch of cool things I saw and heard so my brain is very hyperactive now. Also, people seem very excited about things that happen in the web because of the ease of distribution, and also "Web MIDI" is exciting to them.


  • Worked with Sole in a MediaRecorder demo - still not finished :(
  • Published post at Hacks blog
    • and it made it to the front page of Hacker News on Sunday
  • Started to work on a talk I'll deliver in FEL by the end of the month. This week I'll be working 100% on this.
  • Finally got a Firefox OS phone to hack with :)
  • I've just been asked to speak at a local web dev meetup in BCN - will do, as long as they agree to setup a CoC in place
  • I'll miss the next two meetings because of flights
    • Next week I'll be in Korea with Sandra for GSTAR


  • (offline @ event)


  • Hacks blog updates: Props to Belén on 3D collision post - weekend spike FTW, Today: How to build an iOS Style notifications FxOS 2.5 add-on, tomorrow: DE 44, end of week or next week: Oghliner (Myk Melez demos how to deploy and offline a web app)
  • View Source conf happening! PDX
  • Mozfest this weekend: Tech Speakers session on Sunday - includes Havi, Dietrich, Kaustav, Rabimba, Alex Saladrigas et al.


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?