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Standing Agenda Items

Weekly Team Update from Jason

  • Only one all-team cross-functional meeting for Mozlando (DevRel + MDN)
    • Everyone else expected to schedule your own meetings with other teams
    • We're going to be in One Big Room with the rest of the CTO, won't have our own DevRel room

2-Minute Updates


  • Firefox Tokyo developer conference
  • Chirimen meeting with MozJP and KDDI about upgrading to newer version of Firefox OS
  • Talk at Keio university for Daisuke and Chibi’s class
  • Chirimen meeting with MozJP and KDDI about peripherals
  • Proposed to MozJP marketing team to open source their printed materials for localization and remixing. Working on getting them to do for all materials, and upload into assets website.
  • Write contributor pathway failstory: Need to work with mhoye (fx-team) and Amy (add-ons) to figure out how to fix this.
  • Try to optimize our relationship with PR to make sure devrel gets tapped to make posts like this one much better:
  • Orlando: Working to get request for WoT keynote demo by Cindy & Daisuke acknowledged.
  • Orlando: Submitted cross-team meeting request for WoT projects.
  • Did some a-frame testing, found [enter vr] mode is broken, and some image loads don’t work, let Josh know.


  • (offline)


Jen Since I last came to this meeting, I:

  • spoke at 6 conferences: Push Conf (Munich), Future of Web Design (San Francisco), An Event Apart (San Francisco), Future of Web Design (New York), HOW Interactive (Boston), Ampersand (Brighton, England). Total audience ~ 2,100.
  • attended Chrome Developers Summit
  • pair programmed on two occasions with Estelle Weyl, creating 4 codepen demos
  • met many Mozillans, including David Baron — talked about CSS and Firefox priorties, about Dev Tools as a product
  • learned about Platapus, talked to Potch, Bill Walker, Harald Kirschner about making sure CSS is included as an equal part of the web
  • created a Slack group for public discussion of new CSS properties
  • started on two websites, a twitter channel and more for the same — to build communty around learning and experiementing with new CSS Layout properties
  • spent time researching and learning Flexbox, Grid, Initial-Letter, and much more
  • followed up on several Firefox CSS bugs, filed 1 new one
  • published in: HOW Magazine; Blurbing Karen McGrane's new book:; audio interview with Bradley Martin:


  • Hacks blog this week: Oghliner today (Myk & Marco), Piotr & Marco on "Working Title: web-push notifications from irssi," Pin the Web.
  • Tech Speakers: Fall pilots completed their survey, report forthcoming.
  • Orlando: fielding requests from Tech Speakers about what we're doing at Mozlando, how they can participate w/us
  • Working w/Participation team on Mozlando plans for contributors (esp Tech Speakers), also on Singapore Leadership summit planning.
  • Lots of logistical overhead around planning travel for tech speakers



  • Back from G-STAR (Korea)
  • I'll be speaking in London on Thursday about simplifying front-end code
  • Sandra set up a sponsorship with Global Game Jam. I'll be helping ont he creation of a video on HTML 5 game development that will be shown there (this happens by the end of January)
  • I've accepted to speak in a local meetup in Bcn on January 17
  • Started to port one of my games to Firefox OS / mobile web (blog post asset)


  • Worked a Firefox model for AFrame
  • Reviewed a couple of posts for Hacks
  • Worked on Budget line items for 2016 with Finance
  • Started to work with Social Media tool
  • Attended CTO meeting
  • Working on meeting conflicts for Orlando


  • (offline)


Other Topics

(Try to keep things timeboxed and concrete. E.g., can we actually make a yes/no decision in this meeting? If not, discuss on list first.)

Q & A

Anything Else?

Potch is in EST this week through next Tuesday. PTO Wed